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Spinning out of control

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 in Contest

DSC01402.JPGDSC01400.JPGDSC01399.JPGSo, I’ve been spinning some more. Three more rovings done up for your perusal. I do feel like I’m getting the hang of it a bit more, but (as you can see) I still have a long way to go to get to sock yarn! The purple and green roving came from Miss Violet in my last L&V order, which was very fun! I love how it turned out. The Purple and Blue is from CopperPot Woolies and I have more from her that I am anxious to work on. The last one came with a colorway name on the band but no company/web address info, and so of course once I opened the envelope and put it on my roving shelf, the whereabouts were gone. (Note to etsy sellers: put your info on the bands so that we can come back for more when we want to!) I still haven’t washed and hung them to set the twist. Consequently, all of the candle jars (there are 3 – filled with coffee beans and candles) and one of my fall glass vases, are lined up along the mantel with yarn wound around the bottom of them. I either have to wash these, or stop spinning. I’m out of temporary places to keep the yarn. My assignment from my last spinning class was “practice, practice, practice”, and I think that I have complied. Now I’m supposed to spin some plain white (boring) roving that they sent home with us, so that at the next class we can “learn to ply”. I never was very good at waiting for things.

I made myself stop spinning after last weekend (actually MOVED the wheel to a corner of the family room) so that I could work on knitting. I am supposed to be shipping off a pair of socks this week and I still have the heel and cuff of the second sock to do. I also made this fun fingerless mitt over the weekend and I love how it turned out. I used Monica’s pattern, (pattern sold out again – more being shipped to us today) along with some beautiful J.Knits yarn (I really like all of the J.Knits semi-solid colorways). Unfortunately, these are for someone else, so I will have to re-knit them DSC01406.JPGfor myself when this pair is done. It’s a quick knit and would make great presents. Mitts don’t take a lot of yarn and there are so any wonderful patterns out there. (Monica has others, including a new one that she is shipping to us. Knitspot also have some fun fingerless mitts that we ordered last week, too.) If you’re running out of time to knit socks for people for the holidays, consider some fingerless mitts.

We got all of our new Hill Country Yarns in this week and they’re being photographed today. Wow, I really like that line. Gorgeous colorways! More fun stuff arriving this week and next week, too. But in the meantime, we’re still working on alllll of your Sneak Up orders from this week (you all had a lot of fun, didn’t you? We’re having fun packing them, too!) I also want to tell you that I’m really impressed with how many of you have friends and family members who have already purchased lots of nice gift certificates for you for Christmas. Either you have done an excellent job of being on top of them about this, or there are just some really nice relatives out there. You’ll be happy. :-)

The Random Acts of Kindness comments have been so inspiring to read! I might point out that they don’t have to be “random”. I think kindness in general needs to count, as long as you are going out of your way to do something nice. It’s ok if it’s pre-planned and not exactly random. I did the first random drawing this morning, and the winner of our first $75 gift basket (which will be shipped out to you on January 2nd – so you do have to wait a bit) is: Candace. Congratulations, Candace (and please send me your address so that we will know where to send your gift!) Now, start saving your Random Acts that you are doing this week for next Monday’s blog, where we’ll do the next drawing. I found several fun new things that I want to put into practice, just from reading through all of your ideas. You all are really kind. No wonder I like you so much!

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