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Driven to Distraction.

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Friday, December 21st, 2007 in Shop News

DSC01448.JPGSusan-the-awesome-assistant gave me this today and I couldn’t love it more. Doesn’t everyone need a Panic Button? Plus, when you have Hoops and Yoyo telling you to “stay calm, stay calm, stay calm” until they change their mind and tell you to “PANIC!!!”, it only makes you laugh. This will come in so handy here at Loopy Central. You know, when the phone is ringing off the hook, or the mailman arrives too early, or a skein of yarn goes missing, or …. you’re trying to settle all of the attendance details of The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling Knitting Retreat. Stuff like that. I hit that ol’ Panic Button a lot today. But I think the Fling is finally finished. (I haven’t emailed anyone yet. Don’t hit the Panic Button if you haven’t heard from me yet. I’m doing that next.)

So, the Fling. Just a few bits of information so that you know how it went.

- We had a lot of people sign up. (We love that!)
- There are not spots for everyone. (We knew that. But we still don’t like it.)
- This is being put on as a Customer Appreciation Event for The Loopy Ewe. What that means is that we didn’t pad anything in the price to make money from it. (Not that any of you complained about the price – which was nice. But I still wanted to tell you that we’re just covering our costs – nothing more, nothing less.) And it’s not a knitting convention with classes and markets, open to anyone who wants to pop by. It’s a way for us to give back to you, our wonderful customers. It’s, 1) a weekend knitting retreat at a hotel and 2) a way for out-of-towners to be able to visit us here, since you’re not in town and able to pop by whenever you want (although we do have a few great St. Louis customers spending the weekend with us, too) and 3) a way for us to be able to put faces with the names that we have had fun “getting to know” over the past year and a half and 4) a chance to have some knitting fun together. Those were our goals when we set this up.
- Since it’s a Customer Appreciation event, Loopy Groupies did get an extra ticket in the lottery. It wasn’t a guaranteed “in”, as we have many non-Loopy Groupies who will be coming, too, (and probably a few Loopies who didn’t get pulled) but it did give you a leg up. Also, any of our indie dyers who wanted to come, got an extra ticket, because we sure appreciate them, too! Lastly, those of you from other countries who signed up – I’m so impressed that you’re willing to come all this way to visit us here. What fun! You got an extra ticket, too.
- We have a good sized Waiting List and I fully expect some cancellations, so some of you will still get in.
- Because I’m a sap, I did add five extra spots to the weekend. I just hate telling people no, and that was five less that I had to disappoint. (I’m fully capable of saying no, however, so don’t think you now have me figured out. Ask WH and my kids.)
- Wendy and Cookie have graciously agreed to each add a FOURTH class to their schedules, because I saw so many of you on Ravelry talking about wanting to take both of the classes. I’m hoping that this will allow many of you to do that. (Yay, Wendy and Cookie!)
- We’re really excited that you want to come, and we’ll do our best to make it a great weekend for you.

DSC01445.JPGI think that’s it. Now I need to start sending out the emails (you’ll hear from us either way. If you haven’t received notice by tomorrow – Saturday, please email me, as it means your email didn’t go through). I’m not sure about the blog schedule next week, as we’re taking some time off (although your orders will still go out!) and we’re heading up to Iowa for a wedding next weekend. I’ll check in via the blog if I can. (Well, I’ll do a quick blog on Monday, so that you can post your RAKs for the week.) I hope we all keep these up even after the holidays are over. Someone mentioned in one of the comments this week, how people are more conscious of helping other (with clothing or finances or extra time or whatever) during this season, but there are still so many needs out there in January and April and September (and all of the other months of the year.) I’m hoping that this has put me in a better habit of reaching out and sharing all year long. I’m working on that.

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