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Good News, Bad News Monday

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, January 7th, 2008 in Bad New/Good News

Good news: Today is my (our) 24th wedding anniversary! Twenty four years of being married to my best friend, 24 years he has had to put up with me, 24 years that he has been making me laugh. :-)

Bad news: I managed to put myself in the doghouse with WH this week, as he has spent untold hours color-correcting 450+ photos for this week’s Sneak Up. That’s what happens when we take a couple of weeks off from Sneaking new stuff up for you. :-(

Good news: Lots of fun things going up sometime this week for your shopping pleasure.

Bad news: Lots of fun things going up sometime this week for your shopping pleasure. (And more next week.)

Good news: I did some knitting this weekend and have the second Noro sock almost done. I’ll post it when it’s done and washed.

DSC01494.JPGBad news: I tired out my knitting fingers with one of my other favorite Christmas presents. (My kids rolled their eyes when I asked for Guitar Heroes for Christmas.) Jari – are you practicing for our eventual re-match??

Good news: We were named “Pusher of the Year” in these awards. How fun is that?

Bad news: The list also contained a lot of fun blogs and resources that I have had to add to my “must read” and “must check out” list. For my spare time.

DSC01497.JPGGood news: I found these cute cupcakes while shopping this weekend. Don’t they look good enough to eat? They’re in my kitchen window, along with some other fun things for the season.

Bad news: Looking at them every day makes me want to eat cupcakes.

DSC01496.JPGGood news: I’ve managed to set aside my spinning momentarily, while I figure out how to make the tension right with a Woolee Winder.

Bad news: We have such fun roving in-house that it’s making me nuts not to be spinning.

Sheri itwasaVentisizedLattedaytoday-somuchtodoFPS.Howaboutyou?

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