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Good News, Bad News Friday

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, April 11th, 2008 in Bad New/Good News

DSC01682.JPGGood News: Spring has been springing up all week long. The trees are blooming, the daffodils are up, and the weather has been warm.

Bad News: My summertime body has not arrived yet. I keep waiting for it to show up. What is the holdup? It’s a good thing that it is supposed to snow flurry tomorrow. I have the winter body down pat. (I think I’ll eat a cookie.)

Good News: The Spring Fling is only two weeks away – can you believe it? We’re slowly but surely getting ready for all of you.

Bad News: Well, it’s not ALL of you, by any means. But we wish you could all come!

DSC01680.JPGGood News: Took both cats to the vet yesterday and both are healthy. I was sure they’d tell me that Gracie was too fat had her winter body on and needed to exercise more. She’s a mere 10 lbs and in perfect health. (Zoe is a petite 6 lbs, 4 oz – no wonder Gracie seems so big to me.)

Bad News: The vet bill. sigh. (Also bad news: two cat photos in two posts in a row. But she’s awfully darned cute.)

Good News: We did some major re-stocking today – did you catch it? Travel Mugs are back in stock, along with more Shibui Knits (and some of their new patterns), Araucania, Cherry Tree Hill, The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds, Bee Bars, knitting accessories, new Offhand Designs bags, Namaste Messenger Bags, Cotton Panda, and more.

Bad News: Still more boxes of yarn and things to go up next week. (Or is that good news?)

DSC01685.JPGGood News: Starbucks still has good coffee.

Bad News: They made their cups brown. I miss the green. (Two new yarn lines in the photo, just to make you wonder…. They’re scheduled to arrive in a few weeks.)

Good News: The “Don’t Be Blue” sock kits are ready to ship! Click here if you’re eligible for one.

Bad News: They’re just available (while supplies last) to those who signed up for the sock club this year and didn’t get in. (What happens if you try to buy one and you weren’t really on the list? A hand comes out from your computer screen and pinches you on the nose.)

Good News: So many of you have emailed to tell us how much you like the special Loopy Groupie Appreciation Gift that we have been sending out this week.

Bad News: “LG Appreciation Time” runs through Tax Day and mostly there’s nothing good about Tax Day.

DSC01679.JPGGood News: I found my perfect pair of shoes – they show off handknit socks and they make my size 11 feet look smaller. (No small feet feat.) It’s a Dansko Merrie. (Socks are Fiesta Boomerang. We do have a large order in with the – they’re just backordered on Boomerang at the moment. We’ll keep you posted.)

Bad News: With Spring here, sock-wearing weather is almost gone in Missouri until the fall.

Good News: My friend Monica gave me the DVD August Rush that I like so much. I think I’ll knit and watch it tonight.

Bad News: I have so much knitting that I want to do, that it’s gonna take more than one movie (or five) to knock it out.

Good News: I had time to knit last night.

Bad News: But I didn’t get one stitch done because Knitting Daughter and WH and I spent so much time laughing and going through the pages of photos on this website.

DSC01687.JPGGood News: Possum Sock Yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. (80% Superwash Merino, 20% New Zealand Possum.) Wow.

Bad News: It won’t be available for awhile, but I have one of the sample skeins from Cheryl at Cherry Tree and it’s really a fun yarn base. Just thought I’d give you a sneak peak at a unique new sock yarn base that they will be offering for a limited time this summer.

Sheri anygoodnews/badnewsyouwanttosharewithus?

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