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Things are busy here today

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 in Shop News

A quick blog post today, as we’re all scurrying around doing Sneak Up orders and getting ready for the Spring Fling. It occurred to me that the Flingers will all get to see Loopy Central in person, and some of you non-Flingers might want a tour. (I know we’ve shown a few pics before, but things change here so much that it was time for another one!) So I hope you enjoy the photo-tour. By the way, my friend Janice arrived yesterday afternoon from Iowa, and Claudia (the Wollmeise) arrived from Germany last night. They’re both here helping out today. Janice is helping with pulling the orders and Claudia is helping with boxing them up. (And guess who else came in to surprise me yesterday? Web Guy/College Guy! He wanted to say hi to the Flingers on Thursday night, before heading back up to college on Friday.) It has been a fun week. :-)

We have a foyer when you first come through the door. This is what part of it looks like right now, but we’ll be changing it. We’re going to add diagonal wooden cubbies along the Red Cupboard wall, for additional space. (And then the Red Cupboard will go where the spinning chairs are.)


This is where we eat lunch. The counter is to the right as you walk in the doorway from the foyer. Do you like the red stools? They’re so comfortable.


And of course you’ve seen the Loopy kitchenette before. This is an important area because it’s where we keep the M&M’s and drinks in the fridge.


WH made this red island just this month. We love the added space, and the engraved Loopy title in the top of it. It’s actually redder in person than it looks here. Don’t all of the Little Loopies look like they’re having a great time? (You know you can click on any of these photos to make them bigger, right?)



It’s hard to get everything into one big photo, so I just took different views for you. Here are some of the aisles of yarn.


And the peg wall with sock blockers and bags and patterns.


This is our back winding table area (with the door to my office in the background.)


And this is the view from my office door, looking back into the main area of Loopy.


Here is our Red Couch Area. We sit here to make up Loopy Kisses, which is what Janice is sitting there doing at the moment (did you notice that we’re back to peppermints for the warm months? Bummer. Of course we still keep a huge bowl of kisses here for us. We can’t imagine not having our wooden bowl of Loopy Kisses at all times.) When any of our kids come to visit us here, they usually end up hanging out on the couches as well. Today Web Guy is working on the computer there. I wish I could say that knitting takes place there, but we don’t knit much here. Just at home. (Susan is in the background, printing your order labels and talking to one of you on the phone!)


Of course I wanted to show you a photo of some of the Elves who are working today. You can see Mary and Marianne in the foreground. Janice in the denim jacket (she’s an Honorary Elf today.) In the back we have Anna, Sue and Donna. Also here, but hiding – Claudia. (Claudia won’t let me take her photo. We are going to have to make a sign to hang around her neck at the Fling … “No photos!” But she’s bent down behind the island, hiding next to Janice.)


And this is what the front area looks like as of 10 minutes ago, when our day’s worth of UPS deliveries arrived. Sigh. (The UPS guys don’t get “the whole yarn thing”.)


I had better get back to work up front. The Elves don’t believe me when I tell them I’m working back here in my office. They think I’m snoozing or something, FPS.

No blog post on Friday, as we’ll be mid-Fling, but I’ll check back in on Monday with Fling Photos for you! Have a great rest of the week. (And come Fling with us the next time!)

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