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Scarves on the Needles

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 in Contest

-16This is my Q1-08 project, and I have a whole new respect for lace knitters. It’s just a scarf. Knit horizontally, 360-some stitches, 50-some rows. I love the Peppermint Mocha Silk that I used. But lace knitting just seems to take me forEVER. I liked the pattern and would probably do it again, but not right away. :-) (It’s this pattern – currently out of stock but we’ll get more in.) I knit this scarf for Claudia, so it’s off to Germany now. (I did block it a little better.) I’m glad I had those two deadlines – the Q1-08 and Claudia’s visit. I need deadlines sometimes. My other lace shawl project has no deadline, so it’s sitting there 25% done. sigh.

DSC01764.JPGI also started a couple of other scarves. Claudia showed us a beautiful scarf that her friend Dani knit up out of one skein of Wollmeise. (Hi Dani!) My friend Janice and I immediately had to cast it on. It’s a very simple Feather and Fan pattern. What’s funny is that when Claudia got home, she asked Dani where the pattern had come from and it’s from Wendy’s blog! (Small world.) So you can find Wendy’s pattern for this beautiful scarf right here. I really like how it’s knitting up and I have a few more of them that I now want to do. This one is the Am Kalten Polar colorway. DSC01762.JPGBut I also thought it might be cool to knit this pattern out of the Noro Sock yarn, so I started that over the weekend. (Color S184) I love the color blends and I already know that the Noro softens up when it gets washed, so I think this is going to be a wonderful scarf, too. (I have a deadline for finishing both of these scarves. Good thing.)

My DC-KAL sweater hasn’t been touched since I last photo-ed it for the blog. I’m mindful of the 6/1 deadline. I have some extended car time coming up, and I think I can pull it off just fine. It has been so fun to see all of your KAL photos coming in. Every time another photo comes in, it motivates me. And of course I have a whole bunch of new sweater patterns that I now want to do. Remember that if you finish and add your photo to The Loopy Ewe KAL photo gallery by 6/1, there is a reward for you! (I didn’t really tell you what the reward was, did I? I’ll tell you after June 1st!)

Did you like the Sneak Up this week? We’re working hard to get all of the rest of the Sneak Up orders out today. I have to admit to adding to my own stash this week. Normally, I have already gotten a skein of anything that is going up (for the testing stage of things) and I usually am very good about letting all of you have the rest. Usually. This week I had to take some Creatively Dyed Roving (it’s Seacell, FPS. I spun the sample that Dianne sent me way back a couple of months ago and loved it, so how could I not take a whole braid of this lovely stuff?) I took Forest Path. I really wanted Rosewood, but I seem to be in a Roving Rut and am trying to break into new colors. I also had to get a Pattern Tamer (In my defense, I let all of you buy out the first batch without touching it.) And then there was the Perchance to Knit Pamper Me Sock Yarn. One touch and … I kept one. The Roses, Roses colorway. (But Irises and Glory of the Snow were equally tempting to me.) I also took a braid of The Sanguine Gryphon’s roving (which will go up next week) and more of Josette’s Enchanted Knoll Farm yarn (even though I have a sample from awhile back.) And a couple more water bottles, because I love those water bottles and one can never have too many of them, right? (And didn’t you love the fun Loopy Necklace? I’ve been wearing mine a lot.) So I think I did very well in my shopping spree this week. It was fun. There might be yarn and roving popping out from all areas of my office and home, but I’m happy. I just think it’s important to confess to all of you every once in awhile, so you know that I do almost as much Loopy Ewe shopping as you do. Almost. ;-)

It has been wonderful to read about all of the RAKs that you have been doing this month. You’re all so generous, and I know that many of the people you showed kindnesses to, probably went and passed it on to someone else that week. That’s a whole lot of good stuff going on out there! I decided to draw two names to win Goody Bags from The Spring Fling. The randomly drawn winners of this contest were: Tracey in Michigan and Joanne in Pennsylvania. The Goody Bags are on the way! And thanks to ALL of you for participating in our RAK contest in April.

And by the way, Brian and Tina over at GudonyaToo think you all are the BEST. (I agree.) It sounds like a lot of you found some great bath stuff in their shop!

Sheri tryingnottoeatthethreebarsofCadburychocolatethatLBsentme.

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