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All Hands on Deck!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 in Sheri's Favorite Indie Artisans

DSC01776.JPGAnother busy week here at Loopy Central and we have all hands on deck! Well – really I used that saying just so that I could show you the fun hand models that I have here. (But the busy part is true. We’re working very hard on all of your Sneak Up orders from this week. It’s going to take us another day to get through them all.) The wooden hand is from Barnes and Noble. I got the man size because the lady size looked so small. And the porcelain hand just arrived this week from this website. It’s a “vintage glove form”. Now I’ll have to knit a single fingerless glove to put on there (because you know I’m all about single socks and gloves. Although honestly, the white one on the wooden form is my only single fingerless glove so far.) If you ever see any other fun hand forms, send me an email. I like having the around. And besides, the Little Loopys also find them entertaining.

DSC01770.JPGI spun up some roving over the weekend. This is Ravenswood from The Sanguine Gryphon. I know the photo is a little bit dark, but when I used the flash, it took out the shine that is in the roving. This is a merino/silk combo and is so easy to spin and feels wonderful! So far I haven’t knit anything with any of my handspun skeins. I bought a couple of one-skein books and have some great pattern ideas, but just haven’t done it yet. Has anyone out there made anything fun with their handspun? It had been too long since I had been on my spinning wheel and I can see that I must stay in practice, or I seem to go backwards a little in my skills. I have that Creatively Dyed Seacell up next, and then we just got a new order of The Dyeing Arts Roving in this week (here’s the sold out page to see some of their past colors) and I absolutely love Tara’s colors. So that will come next. (Psst – we also got in an order from sKNITches and one from Yarn Pirate. So we have fun stuff for you again next week.)

DSC01774.JPGSpeaking of fun, look at this photo. It’s entitled “Shades of Ewe” – get it? (Can you see the Little Loopy in there?) We participated in a St. Louis Yarn Shop Crawl on Saturday, and one of the gals who came by brought this photo that her husband Roy had taken for us. He has this great business called “Shades of St. Louis“, where he photos St. Louis landmarks in the reflection of sunglasses. He’s now branching out into “Shades of America” as well. Take a look at his gallery on his website. I particularly like the ones he has taken of local schools.

Ok. Back to packing orders. Y’all you guys all y’all every one of you Loopy customers are the best. :-)

Sheri whokeepsgettingdistractedbyboxesofnewstuffcominginthedoorFPS

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