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Three Things Friday

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, May 30th, 2008 in Three Things

DSC01847.JPGThree projects that I’m still knitting and wondering how I can “up” my hours to 36 in a day instead of 24:
- DC KAL Sweater (one more sleeve and the ribbing to go)
- Noro Scarf (I’ve already picked a few more Noro colors that I must knit)
- Wollmeise Scarf (ditto. I want to make a Krauterbeet for myself.)
(The photo? Gale’s Art BLF Roving. :-) It just arrived today. I thought it would make a colorful photo to start out the blog today. This is her regular BFL. We will have more of her Black BFL roving next.)

Three things that I’m putting off this weekend in order to get more knitting time:
- laundry (having no kids in the house all week did help to reduce the laundry load)
- cleaning (ditto. The house has stayed amazingly neat and tidy.)
- cooking (good time for eating out, right?)

Three places I will visit this summer:
- Ohio (TNNA Market is next week – I’ll go find more fun stuff for us!)
- Florida (taking a family trip down to see Web Guy over the Fourth of July)
- Indiana (to get both kids off to college in August. I can’t think about it.)

Three places I will not visit this summer:
- Colorado (my favorite vacation spot in the midst of St. Louis Summer Heat)
- Germany (even though it’s my turn to visit Claudia the Wollmeise)
- Michigan (although eventually I will get there to visit Friend Meg and Cool-Yarn-Store-ThreadBear!)

DSC01843.JPGThree Eight+ fun things that will go up next week:
- 8 brand new colors of Noro Sock (oh, they’re so pretty. I took the photo so it’s not WH/Web Quality, but you get the idea of the new colors, until you can see them up next week.)
- 21 brand new colors of Araucania (I love knitting this yarn)
- Woolly Boully, Sheepaints, Gale’s Art BFL Roving (see first photo for a sampling), new Shibui and Claudia HandPainted colors, The Loopy Ewe Zephyr Stitchmarker Set, etc.

Three Six+ new lines that you’ll see here soon:
- Neighborhood Fibers Yarn and Roving
- Spirit Trail Fiberworks
- Hazel Knits
- Malabrigo Worsted Weight
- Sugar Bunny Blvd
- Yarn Love Roving
- Indigo Moon Yarns
- (and a few more that are still a secret)

Three more fun things coming soon:
- our new Duets order which will contain some previous cool colorways that many of you have been asking for. Angela is the Queen of Heels and Toes Sock Yarn!
- new Knitting Bags (because we all know that I have a thing for bags. And I know you do, too. You’ll love these.)
- new non-wool sock yarn options (and some new wool sock lines, too)

DSC01835.JPGThree things that made me happy this week:
- the best-ever Molasses Sugar Cookies that came in the mail from Michele in Maine
- emails from my two kids who are away
- yarn shopping spree from the new stuff that came in this week because I needed more in my stash (1 Woolly Boully, 4 Araucania, 2 Sheepaints and 4 Noro. In case you wanted to know.)

Three things I’m doing this weekend:
- eating out at Granite City because my friend Janice keeps telling me I have to go there
- picking up Knitting Daugher and Mum-in-Law from the airport (yay!)
- planting flowers in the flowerpots by my front door because it’s time, FPS.

Sheri anyonehavethreethingsthey’dliketosharetoday?

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