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Home Again to Hot St. Louis

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 in Uncategorized

DSC01945.JPGThat’s the only complaint I’m going to make about the heat. Just what’s in the title. But let me just say that at least the ocean breezes cool things off at night in Florida, whereas it just goes from “hot” to “still hot” in the evenings here in St. Louis. FPS.

Hey – I’m back! Thanks for all of the welcome home emails – that was nice. :-) We had a great time in Florida (did I mention that it cools down a bit at night?) and I think that Web Guy was happy to see us. Or he was happy for some home-cooking. One of the two. It was nice to see where he is spending his summer and we enjoyed touring the company he is interning with. Seems like a great group there and we’re so glad he has had this opportunity and experience this summer. Knitting Daughter was glad to have her brother to spar with battle in Guitar Hero for a few days. We had fun hanging out, watching fireworks on the beach, shopping in downtown Venice, and catching a few movies. And a few cooking shows on TV. Remind me not to watch any more cooking shows on TV. It becomes painfully clear that, although I thought I was a pretty good cook, I am not. Not in the least.

DSC01948.JPGI did some knitting, although not as much as I thought because I did a lot of reading. I miss having time to read and it was a great way to spend a few evenings! I finished a second sock and did another sock from a new indie dyer. I’ll show you those later. Check out this lovely Neighborhood Fiber sock (“Shells” pattern, Cooper Circle colorway). I just love the depth of color (and the yarn base) in this line. I also did a Feather and Fan scarf for myself, since I fell so in love with the other one I made this summer and sent to a lovely person in a swap. This one is Wollmeise Krauterbeet. (I thought the DSC01947.JPGnew shoots on this bush would look so pretty in this photo, but what they ended up doing was just making the scarf look lumpy and bumpy. It really is a great scarf, away from the pokey branches.) Speaking of Wollmeise – we will put up over 300 skeins next week, in its own quick Sneak Up. (It will go quickly, the skeins aren’t reserved for you until you complete the checkout process completely, and yes, I know it’s frustrating to try and get Wollmeise.) Here are the colorways that we’ll put up (in the 100% Superwash base): Indisch Rot, Barista, Veilchen, Emil, Lowenzahn, Poison Nr. 5, Franz with Chicken Pox, Krauterbeet, Zenzi, Pfauenauge, Spice Market, Am Kalten Polar, Birkenrinde, Turkis und Karneol, Raku-Regenbogen, Campari Orange, and Rhabarber.

DSC01942.JPGI also found the yarn shop where I want to spend my weekly Knitting Night, once I retire. (Although that might be a touch difficult since WH and I want to eventually retire in CO and this shop was in GA…) I had a great time at Knitch and you have to stop in if you’re ever in the Atlanta area. DSC01943.JPGKim and her staff couldn’t be nicer, and the whole place was beautiful and welcoming and relaxing. It’s one of those shops where you walk in the front door and breathe a sigh of relaxation. :-) Also, they have a cute bug out front, knitting away, who was very happy to see Loopy and have a picture taken with him. (And two cute Italian Greyhounds – Tank and Olive – who will make you want to own one.) Definitely worth a visit.

Oops – I just hit “publish” and I meant to hit “save”. FPS. Anyway, I just did a quick little Sneak Up, so head on over and check it out. We have a brand new yarn base from Cherry Tree Hill called Select Supersock and it’s wonderful. The lower micron count means that it’s as soft as can be, and it also takes the dye very intensely. We have it at a special introductory price of $22 a skein, going to $24 a skein soon. Also, we added Chic Knits patterns, more Fiesta Boomerang, Chewy Spaghetti Sport, more Atenti bags, and Spindle City Yarns.

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