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The Walls are Shrinking (or someone keeps adding things in)

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 in Shop News

DSC01953.JPGIt seems like our space is shrinking. This place seemed so big when we first moved into Loopy Central. I thought we’d have plenty of room to grow for a long time into the future. Somewhere along the line, someone kept adding in more stock and a few more products here and there, and all of a sudden, the walls are shrinking. Or something. Here are a few of the boxes that have arrived so far this week. The UPS gal hasn’t been here today yet, and when she comes, I don’t know where she is going to put anything. DSC01954.JPGWe need to unpack these and make room, don’t you think? (Or someone needs to stop ordering things.) And here’s what our front entry room looks like at the moment. Not nearly as nice and cute as when the boxes aren’t there. These are fun boxes, though, and they won’t be around for very long. They contain something that will be going into our Second Anniversary Celebration Kit – woohoo! More about that in a couple of weeks, when we hit August 1st. But back to the space problem – we have a solution. We’re knocking down some walls and expanding things around here. Didn’t you wonder where 240 different colorways of Cascade 220 would end up? We have a whole wall planned around it. We’re able to get the space next to us and once it’s all done, you’ll never know a wall was knocked down – or so they tell me. I’ll have to get a picture of Joe, the guy who does all of the work in this DSC01955.JPGbuilding. He knocked down all of the walls that sub-divided Loopy Central before we moved in, and I have great confidence that he’ll make the addition look just as great. Target date for the new addition is August 15th, and we’ll keep you posted. We have so many fun things planned! (Note – UPS just left – 8 more boxes plus a box marked “perishable” and “haut chocolat” and “open immediately”. Like they needed to tell us that? Inside we found the most exotic sounding chocolate bars I have ever seen. Check them out. Our sweet friend Capi sent them to us – thank you, Capi!! As soon as this blog is posted, we’re having a chocolate tasting. That Bacon Chocolate bar will be first, because I can’t even imagine it. And then we’ll unpack all of the cases of yarn that have piled up this week…)

baristaIt has been a busy week already. The Wollmeise went up at 9 pm on Monday night and sold out in 5 minutes again. (4.8 minutes, for those of you who like precise numbers, and we had over 300 skeins of it this time.) I have no explanation for such craziness, (well I do – it’s beautiful yarn) and I know it’s frustrating for those who would like to get their hands on a skein of it. Remember to check Claudia’s site on Fridays, as that is when she does her updating a few times a month. (Not every Friday – just some Fridays.) She is working so hard to get as much done as she possibly can and she’s already working on another order for us. We’ll keep getting it, and we have a few changes in the works for the next Wollmeise update. The Barista colorway sold out first and Knitting Daughter thinks that is pretty great since Claudia did that one up in her honor! We will definitely have it again. Here is the photo of it if you didn’t get to see it.

We also put a lot of new things up last night and you need to check them out, if you haven’t already! We added in Hazel Knits (a new indie dyer for us), Noro Silk Garden Worsted, Fleece Artist Merino (some gorgeous semi-solids this time), Perchance to Knit, Spindle City, Indie Dyer, Opal Hundertwasser, Lorna’s Laces (more Franklin’s Panopticon, and we will also have it in the roving as soon as we can get that photo-ed), Spritely Goods Sidhe, Trekking, Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere, S.R.Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo (wool free, SO soft), new colors from Colinette Jitterbug, Jade Sapphire Cashmere Scarf Kits (you will not believe how wonderful that cashmere feels), and Beanie Baggies.

DSC01893.JPGI’ve been getting some “are you going to be getting this?” kinds of emails, so I thought I had better address them on the blog. I’ll answer all of those on Friday. (Some of the “are you getting this?” answers are in all of the boxes that have come in this week.) It will kind of update you on what we have coming in and a few things that we have planned. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a picture of Loopy taking a snooze. He found a delightfully comfortable bed, but I’m not sure that Gracie appreciates it at all …..

Sheri thereisaveryshadycharacterwalkingacrosstheparkinglotwithastrangelookingbag.

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