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Much Pounding Going On

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 in Shop News

It had to happen. You don’t combine your space with the space next door without a lot of pounding going on. It started with the walls, and now it’s in my head, FPS! I know it’s good news – it means that we’re getting closer to expanding. But oh my, it has been noisy here. I snuck in and took a picture. They’ve been cutting through the drywall and are working on taking down the metal frames today. (See the far wall in the photo? That backs up to this one and will be taken down at the very end.) It will be nice when it’s all done and we can show you fun pictures of the new space instead of messy ones.

Speaking of fun pictures, look at these two cute boys with their Loopified tattoos! I think they are wearing them proudly. When we get done sorting out all of the kits, we’ll put the extra Loopified Tattoos and the Loopy Ewe pins up on the website for you. Coffee Mugs? That was a “kit only” item. We’ve had about 7 break in transit so far (out of the 400 kits). Even though those are pretty good odds, it still reinforces our opinion that we don’t want to carry them all the time. We’ll do another cool kit sometime late fall or early winter and we’ll add another mug to that one, too. We know that there are a lot of you who wanted them and didn’t get one.

We had a great weekend with Janice and her family – very relaxing, lots of knitting and movies. (Although we did manage to hang out at Loopy for awhile and catch brunch at Granite City after church on Sunday. Remember the amazing cinnamon rolls that they have? YUM.) Zoe-the-cat who always curls up on my lap when I knit, decided that she’d rather sit with Janice’s Daughter K-L for the afternoon. You’d never know that K-L is allergic to cats, would you? She’s working on a scarf out of All Things Heather. We were all knitting scarves this weekend. I knit one up out of a skein of my Sanguine Gryphon handspun roving - the first time I had ever actually knit something with my spinning. I’m washing and blocking it today, so will show you the finished product when it dries.

The happy anniversary comments you have been leaving are so wonderful! We love reading them. A few of you have mentioned that the higher the comment-number goes, the less chance there is to win. Not true. We just add in more prizes so that your odds stay the same. It’s our anniversary, after all. We want to give lots away!

Sheri whoalreadytooktwoAleveforthepoundingheadandit’snothelping. . . . .

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