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The Loopy Elves in The Loopy Limelight

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, August 18th, 2008 in Loopy Limelight

We’re lucky to have the best people working with us here at The Loopy Ewe, and we wanted you to learn more about them today. I added Susan in to help here after we’d been open for about 10 months or so (before that, my family did all of the helping with orders!). Within a few months, we had added in Vicki and Anna and Sue. One day, James stopped by to shop and commented on “The Loopy Elves” and how busy they were, and the name just stuck. We’ve been fortunate to find a few more great people to help out here in the meantime. They work hard and they work fast and we are so thankful to have them here, helping get all of your orders out in a timely manner. I asked them all some questions and have used different answers from different people to put together the interview for you today.

Loopy: Hi Elves! You all came to be with us in different ways – tell us how some of you ended up working here at The Loopy Ewe?
Elves: Most of us have Susan to thank for letting us know about the job openings! We’re neighbors and friends of hers (or know her from our kids’ schools) and she is always one of the first people to know when The Loopy Lady is looking for more help. Of course Donna and Marianne have different stories. Donna says: “I was shopping at The Loopy Ewe and overheard Sheri telling Susan that they were going to be shorthanded, since someone was leaving. ‘I would love to work here!’ just flew out of my mouth!” Marianne was with Donna that day and says: “I was an innocent in-store shopper (first time shopper, mind you) and the next thing I knew, I was wrapping 300 skeins of Smooshy!”

Loopy: You just never know when we might be adding new Elves in, I guess! What is your favorite thing about working here at Loopy Central?
Elves: We all like the other people who work here. As Vicki says, “Several of the people who work here are neighbors and friends of mine, so it gives us an opportunity to see each other more frequently. The others are very fun to be around.” We all like the flexibility of the job, too. People are always willing to fill in when we need to be off. Mary added: “Driving to work today and seeing all of the kids going back for the first day of school made me realize that I am able to work without affecting my kids that much. My family is the one reason I was always hesitant about working and the main reason I will always appreciate The Loopy Ewe!”

Loopy: Now that you’ve all been here awhile, have you all learned to knit?
Elves: Not exactly. Donna and Marianne came to us as knitters, so they are the experienced ones of the group. Susan says: “I’m a beginner. I’m on Ravelry as ‘Loopyme2′ and have just a few scarves done. Sheri taught me how to knit and Marianne just gave Mary and I ‘purling’ lessons the other night!” Sue came to us as a crocheter, and is starting to knit as well, and Karen considers herself a “rusty knitter” and is looking forward to starting up again. Anna had one knitting lesson with her daughter a few years back and said, “The instructor was very nice and taught us the knit stitch. We set to work. As the instructor walked around the table, she complimented my daughter and then she came to me and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I thought I was knittting – I mean I had a product hanging off of the needles. She very nicely told me she had never seen a stitch like mine. I actually have not tried since that time.”

Loopy: Hopefully we’ll get our “Knit Night” started soon and no one will have an excuse for not knitting any more! Are there certain things you like to wrap in orders, and other things that you don’t?
Elves: This is pretty unanimous, I think! Most of us love wrapping Wollmeise (we like Claudia’s nicely done skeins. Donna calls it “5 minutes of pure bliss” when wrapping those orders) and most of us love feeling the soft Dream in Color yarn, but the tags drive us nuts because they’re always poking through the tissue and ripping it. And we all have fun when Little Loopy goes into an order. Anna started posing him in orders and we’ve all begun doing that. He usually likes to hold on tight to the Loopy Kisses. Smart little guy.

Loopy: What are some fun things that we need to know about Life at Loopy Central?
Elves: Susan says, “Everyone who works here is a little loopy, so that makes it fun!” Karen likes the way everyone experiments with names as they check off the products on the orders (how can you not have fun saying “HiyaHiya” a few times a day?). And all agree that Anna breaking into song over yarn names is one of the most entertaining things of all. (Note – it’s not just yarn names. When The Loopy Lady goes home at noon to let the dog out, Anna needs to break into song – “Who let the dog out?”, too.)

Loopy: Is there anything hard about working here?
Elves: You mean besides the noise and mess of the demolition going on at the moment?? :-) Marianne says it’s difficult to stand there and wind half-skeins of Jitterbug because it makes her stand and stare at the wall of Lorna’s Laces and wonder which color she ought to knit next. (Which then causes her to think that she needs to live to be 150 to knit everything, and at that point, will she even be able to find all of her stash?) Susan says the hardest part is leaving at the end of the day because there’s always still so much to get done. Karen wishes she was taller or the wrapping island was shorter!

Loopy: Is there anything you’d like to tell all of our great Loopy customers?
Elves: Just a big THANK YOU for our job security. You really spoil us and it was fun to meet some of you at The Spring Fling!!

Photos: Top photo, L-R: Vicki (VM), Mary (MG), Susan (SK), the rest in order: Anna (AP), Sue (SG), Donna (DW), Marianne (MM), and Karen (KB).

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