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What Happens When ….

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 in Uncategorized

What happens when you only have one hand-knitted-felted-beloved cat bed and two cats? One gets it to sleep in (always Zoe, the alpha-cat who is half the size of Gracie), and one has to make-do with just touching the edge of it when sleeping. Although she’s quick to jump in there when Zoe is not around. She doesn’t fit her 12 lbs. in there as easily as Zoe’s 6 lbs, though.

What happens when you have two kids going to college and they’re spending all week packing things up? The dining room gets fuller and fuller and fuller and you wonder if all of that stuff is going to fit into two cars. (You’re also thankful that you don’t have to take materials to make lofts any more. That’s a whole other problem.)

What happens when more Wollmeise arrives at Loopy Central? We all decide that this time we’re just going to let it sit here “prettying up” the shelves for a few weeks. We will be putting it up for you next week! This time, we are doing a few things differently in order to help more people get their hands on some. The yarn will go up in three different batches at three different times next week. Each colorway will have a limit of two skeins per person. (You need one skein for a pair of socks or a scarf, you need two skeins for some shawls). Most of you buy in these quantities, but sometimes people buy several and we think that limiting it to what you need for your project will help more people be able to buy some for themselves. Also, we won’t be able to combine shipping on multiple Wollmeise orders any more. It was taking us hours and hours to match all of those up and make all of those changes. This will allow us to get them out to you quicker. We really hope that some of you who have never gotten any Wollmeise will have more luck this way (and we know that those of you who already have a lot of it, fully support everyone else getting some, too! You’re just nice that way.)

What happens when you get an idea that “a little more space here would be really nice…”? A big mess and a lot of noise and then the thoughts that go through your head like, “How are we going to fill all of that up?” quickly followed by, “Of course we’ll have no problem filling it up. Silly.” Part B: What happens when they take the wall down and the new not-yet-finished space is open to the old space? Much noise and commotion all day long. Oh, and Advil consumption goes up around here.

What happens when both kids are leaving for college tomorrow? A: The parents are sad. B: Everyone drives up to Indiana for a long weekend. C: I’m not around to do a blog post on Friday, or to answer emails for a few days. D: Kleenex consumption goes up for a few days. Bugger.

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