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Get Me Out of the Loop!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 in Shop News

I’m stuck in a loop. A scarf-making loop. It all started when Claudia came to the Spring Fling last April, wearing a beautiful scarf (made with Wollmeise) that her friend Dani had made. It was so pretty that I decided to make one. (Actually, I made three – here are two, and here is the other – from Wollmeise and Noro. So far.) I thought I was done with scarf-making (having decided a long time ago that one could only wear so many scarves). In fact, not so long ago, I even blogged about my scarf-knitting addiction, thinking that if I admitted it publicly, maybe it would put the breaks on the ridiculousness. Instead, what did I do? I started another one after that blog post. When we unpacked the new Alpaca With a Twist Socrates yarn, it was so soft and tempting that I snagged a skein immediately. I want socks out of it – that’s a given. But I also thought it might make a really wonderful scarf. I was right. I have knit almost a skein and am going to use about half of another. But has turned out to be a wide scarf and you could easily take out a repeat or two and make it plenty long with one skein. (The pattern is once again Wendy’s Feather and Fan Scarf Pattern, available free here. I cast on the full 58 stitches on size 4 needles.) Are you wondering when I’ll go back to knitting socks? I’m wondering that, too. I do have a lot of tempting sock yarn that does want to be socks, so it ought to be soon. One would hope.

Speaking of socks, we have fun new things to put up for you next week. Among them, the September Limited Edition Yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. This is gorgeous and is called “Burnished Berry”. (Top skein in photo). Don’t you love the mix of purples and burgundies and steel blues? We have it in the Supersock Select yarn base, which we will be getting all of the time now. (Softer, deeper dye intensity, and wonderful.) Burnished Berry will go up next week. Also in the photo (bottom), a sneak peak of the October Limited Edition Yarn – “Very Scary”! We’ll have this as soon as it’s available, too. There are just 100 skeins of each of these colors done up in the Supersock Select yarn base, and we’ll have them all here for you.

What else arrived this week? We have lots of new colors of Araucania (one of my favorite yarns, because it’s so soft, knits up beautifully, and the price is great), as well as the new Kaffe Fassett Collection from Regia. (Sometimes I really like knitting up a plain-vanilla stitch pattern in self-patterning yarn, just because it’s so fun to see the color pattern emerge. Aren’t these socks pretty? This is the Exotic Ember colorway. We’ll also have Exotic Easter, Exotic Zany, Exotic Turquoise, Exotic Pool, and Exotic Day going up next week. In other re-stocking news, there are a few basic lines that we let dwindle down a bit while this rennovation has been going on, simply because we’re so short on space at the moment. Happily, we’ve put in new orders this week for many of them so that we’ll start getting them in and will soon be fully re-stocked over the next few weeks, now that we’ll have the new space. (And the Cascade 220 is slated to arrive in a couple of weeks as well – yay!) Plus, more spinning wheels, more indie dyer re-stocks, and a few new ones as well. Thanks for all of your patience with everything while we’ve been working through this expansion. We’re hoping that next week will be move-in week!

Lastly, I want to send heartfelt love and thanks to all of you for your sweet emails, calls, Rav messages/posts, and deliveries. You know that it has been a tough week on a few accounts (including the whole Wollmeise-Wangdoodle, which always brings challenges and frustrations for people) and we’re feeling NO pain because you’ve showered us with hugs. Seriously. Y’all come through in spades time and time again, and we feel so blessed to know you and count you as friends. You’re just the best. (Do you get tired of me telling you that?) :-)

Sheri stillfindingthehousetooquietbutthenoise&commotionatLoopybalancesthatout!

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