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Good News, Bad News

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, December 29th, 2008 in Contest

dsc02300Good News: We’re back! The Elves and I all had a great long weekend with our families, and are back pulling and packing orders for you today.
Bad News: Some of you might have to wait another day for your order to ship.  There were a lot of orders to print out today, but we’re whipping through them as quickly as possible and got a lot out already. We know you want your yarn!

Good News: Time off means knitting accomplished and movies watched. I finished this Chevron Scarf that has been “in process” for quite awhile now.  It’s out of Fiesta Boomerang Madrid and Plum Pudding. (Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.) I finished it so that I could start yet another one.  The new one is out of Cloud 9 and Clematis.  So far, so good.
Bad News: Another scarf. FPS.

dsc02302Bad News: The Post Office.  I could leave it at that but …. I won’t.
1)  Still waiting on a pallet of shipping boxes ordered almost a month ago. And two more orders of boxes since then.
2) “No one knows anything.  We can’t get any answers about this either, Ma’am, but I’m sorry you don’t have your boxes yet.”
3) This box that arrived today.  You don’t even want to know what’s in there.  It was one of several from this dyer and two were damaged.  grumble …. post office …. grumble
Good News: The people at our local post office are very nice.  They sent a carrier out with as many extra cases of shipping boxes as they had in stock. They know that knitters are waiting.

Bad News: UPS. They can drive through the parking lot 3 times before noon, but still can’t deliver our boxes to us until 5:30 at night, for some reason. What’s up with that?
Good News: They always bring a lot, and it’s always fun to open everything they bring us.

Good News: The winner from last week’s RAK contest (randomly drawn) is: Alice from NC.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the month of December! We had 633 RAKs reported in, but many of those comments contained more than one RAK.  That’s a whole lot of thoughtfulness going on.
Bad News: Our weekly RAK contests are over for another year, but maybe we’ll do a monthly one from time to time.

Good News: I’m having fun mixing up the order of bad and good news in this post.
Bad News: I need to stop writing and get back to packing orders. (Or maybe that’s good news?)

Sheri whoisapparentlyalittlegrumpyfromdealingwithshippingservicepeopletoday

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