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She Has a Name!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, January 23rd, 2009 in Contest


Thank you so much for ALL of your name suggestions for our new Loopy Central addition! Not only did I enjoy reading the suggestions, I also loved reading all of your grandparents’ names, and some of the stories that went along with them.  Michelle asked in Wednesday’s comments about the top five names mentioned. I wish there was an easy way to come up with that.  Having read them all, I’m sure that Lupe, Lulu and Clara were 3 of the top five.  All great names, but I didn’t pick any of those!  (Loopy said “absolutely not” on the Lupe name. He thinks there can only be ONE Loopy, no matter how you pronounce it. Although he does seem to be quite taken with her. ) Some of the names cracked me up – like “Edith …. Head”, and “Anita Knit”, and the other ones that incorporated knitting into them. Some were great names, but reminded me of people or animals already in my life. Like Zoe and Gracie – our two cats. Or Lily – Elf Susan’s cat. Roxy – a good name, but I have a good friend named Roxane.  Trudie – also a good name, but it’s Monk’s wife’s name, so it can’t be our mannequin’s name. Isabelle and Bella – I like both of those, but for some reason it reminds me of vampires…. ;-) And having been a teacher in my former life, there were also good names that reminded me of different students from the past.  Being a teacher can really wreck some good names. There was one name that, the minute I first read it, I knew it was right.  So our lady’s name is now Ava! Thank you to all of you who sugested that. I put the Ava-commenters into a lottery for one drawing, and Melissa from MA won that drawing.  Then I drew three more names from all of the comments, to also win a skein of Wollmeise.  We’ll be sending those off to Janelle in PA, Marie in RI, and Lara in MD. Congratulations to you four, and thank you again to everyone who gave us suggestions. I’m thinking that I’ll have to eventually get another one of these, because I still have a few names from your suggestions that I really liked!

Now I need your help with voting on our Q4-08 participants. The challenge was to “knit something to warm your hands” and learn a new technique while you’re at it.  Check out the Q4-08 Photo Gallery of participants and email me with your favorite one by next Friday. (sheri AT theloopyewe DOT com) The winner gets a Loopy Gift Certificate, and we also draw one name from all of the participants for another Gift Certificate. There are a lot of beautiful finished projects photoed there!

We already have boxes and boxes of things arriving from TNNA and pre-TNNA orders. Fun!  We’re unpacking and photo-ing as quickly as we can. I did forget to mention something else that I ordered for us – Annie Adams shawl pins, stitchmarker necklaces, knitting keychains and magnets.  Beautiful things, and I’m anxious for those boxes to come in the door! I’ll keep you posted as things go up on the website. The next few weeks will be busy and full.

Sheri anyfunplansfortheweekend?It’sgoingtobecoldagainhereinSt.Louis

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