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Prayers and Good Wishes

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc01318Many of you have called in and talked with Susan here at Loopy Central (or traded emails with her). She was the first official Loopy Elf and we had been friends for years before that. Now she’s our Office Manager and she’s the one that I describe by saying, “I couldn’t do this business without her, and I wouldn’t want to.” She and the other elves keep the orders moving out quickly and efficiently. She will be going in for Breast Cancer surgery tomorrow and I knew that all of you would want to know. I asked her if I could share this on the blog and she said, “Well, the more prayers the better, right?” We’re all hoping for a quick recovery for her and the best news possible on all accounts.  I will keep you posted.  She has a great outlook and she’s not a worrier. (I told her I’d worry enough for both of us.) Thank you for being the kind, caring group that I know you are. I know you’ll keep her prayed up and loved through this, and so will all of us here at Loopy.

Sheri andit’sprobablyagoodtimetoremindallofyoutobegettingthoseyearlyexams

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