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February Blog Contest!

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 in Contest

dsc02388Here’s my photo of the latest arrival of Wollmeise Wool Mice in the shop. :-) Tricia from Earthly Hues sent us this amazing box of chocolates and when you open them up, there are two mice nestled into the layer on top. There must be a nut in there, but they’re too cute to eat. This company gets a lot of kudos for presentation. dsc02387The whole wooden box of chocolates was tied up in a beautiful red ribbon with a gold wax seal on the front. That means that our postman wasn’t able to open it up, sneak some chocolate, and then deliver it to us later in the day. Not that he would do that. I’m sure not. (Now Brenda, the UPS gal just might. She loves chocolate and sometimes needs a handful of Loopy kisses to get her through the day…)

This gal is obviously not unwrapping Loopy kisses, or knitting, for that matter.  Although maybe she will take it up now that she might be able to use her fingers again. (Holy cow.)

This month’s blog contest question is a two-parter. 1) Why do you knit? and 2) Do you think you’re a knitter-for-life or do you think that this is what you do “now” and you’ll move on to the next thing eventually?  For me, I knit because I like having something to do that is relaxing. I knit because there are so many beautiful colors and fibers out there that I want to see done up. I knit because it’s something that Knitting Daughter and I can hang out and do together. I knit because I like hand-knit socks and scarves (and mitts and gloves and sweaters.) I knit because it can be very challenging, or very mindless, depending on what pattern I choose.  And yes, I will be a knitter for life. I ran out of things that I wanted to cross-stitch long ago (and really, how many things like that do you need in your house?) and I caught up on my scrapbooks a few years ago (although I will still do that with current photos), but I can’t imagine running out of knitting inspirations, or the need for hand-knit items in my life. Plus, it will take me close to forever to use up half of the things in my stash. How about you? Why do you knit? And do you see yourself doing this for now, or forever? Leave your answer in the blog comments and we’ll draw the winners a week from today. (The prizes – Wollmeise.  You’ll like it!)

Sheri wishingthatthefluorescentlightsinmyofficewouldstopbuzzinganddrivingmenuts

No Mail Monday

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Monday, February 16th, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s a No Mail Monday here in the States. We are celebrating President’s Day. I have come to appreciate days with no mail. Since we can’t ship any orders out, and since most of the Elves have their kids home from school today, we all take the day off. And I love long weekends! So I came in today just to get a jump on printing out all of the weekend orders and to get this quick blog post up. Then I’m heading home (via Starbucks) for some knitting time. (Now wouldn’t you think I’d take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning? Or laundry? Or grocery shopping? Or baking? Nope. It’s a day OFF.) If you put an order in over the weekend, we’ll start shipping them out first thing tomorrow (Tuesday).

dsc02386I finished another Noro scarf over the weekend. I see what people mean when they say that these are addictive. They’re so brainless to knit, and there are days when that is just what you need. I used 4 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, Worsted (2 of one color, 2 of another – can’t remember what colors I pulled off the shelf). You cast on about 34 stitches and K,P,K,P the whole way down and back. (Down and back with one color, then down and back with the other color.) It makes a long, thick, very warm scarf. I have a lot of scarves (ahem – scarf addiction) but I frequently find myself wearing the other Noro scarf I made like this. It’s just so warm and colorful.  I’m going to try to stop knitting these for awhile now. We’ll see how that goes.  Good news – we have more Noro Silk Garden going up in this week’s Sneak Up, so you’ll have more color choices in case you want to make one. Also going up, Lime & Violet’s Intentions yarn, Lorna’s Laces, Dream in Color Classy (a few more colors), Tuscan Grove Bellagio, Shibui Silk Cloud, more new colors of Cascade Eco Alpaca, Perchance to Knit, and Schaefer Andrea. We’ll get these new things up just as soon as we get some of the weekend orders out and on their way.

So what are you up to on this No Mail Monday? Life as usual? Or taking a day off?

Sheri whohasanappointmentwiththeaccountanttonightfortaxes,blah.

Thank you!

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Friday, February 13th, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc02383Thank you for all of your comments on Wednesday’s blog, wishing Susan well. The surgery went just fine and she’s resting comfortably at home. (Watching good movies, hanging out with her kids, and letting everyone wait on her, hopefully!) Knowing Susan, she’ll be back here with us at Loopy Central in no time. In the midst of all of the comments on that post, you might’ve caught the one that she wrote back to all of you. But just in case you didn’t, here it is:

Susan–Loopy Elf said,

February 11, 2009 @ 7:26 PM

  1. WOW! So many nice comments. You are all so wonderful. I truly love my job and all my loopy co-workers :) Sheri told me she was going to mention me in the blog, but I didn’t want to read it until I was at home–now you all have me feeling a giant hug!  The Loopy Ewe has the best customers! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

She told me about this conversation that she had, while she was in getting an MRI before surgery yesterday:

Nurse: “Oh, you have on nice warm socks!”
Susan: “Handknit socks.”   (Hariamrit – your socks kept Susan’s feet warm!)
Nurse: “Hand knit? Do people still knit???”
Susan:  “You have no idea….”

Thanks for giving Susan such a great big LOOPY HUG!

I hope you’re planning a nice weekend and doing something special for Valentine’s Day. (My favorite part about Valentine’s Day? It’s Knitting Daughter’s birthday – she will be 19 tomorrow! Of course this is also the first birthday where she’s not home with us to celebrate and I don’t like that part of it.)  I saw this video posted by one of my friends on Facebook and clicked over to take a look. I can’t believe the dollars that are spent on cards, flowers and chocolate every Valentine’s Day. I thought that it was a GREAT idea to forego a card and donate $5 to this wonderful organization instead, and wanted to pass it on in case you are interested. (I am not, however, suggesting that you forego the chocolate. I would never do that.)

Do you like the felted hearts on our Loopies in the photo? Elf Donna made them so that they could be totally prepared to celebrate the holiday in style. Of course the happiest Little Loopy is the one that gets to sit inside the heart pocket, holding on to his felted rose.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing so much LOVE with all of us here this week. We appreciate every one of you!

Sheri HappyHappyBirthdayJulia,seeyounextweekend!!

Prayers and Good Wishes

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc01318Many of you have called in and talked with Susan here at Loopy Central (or traded emails with her). She was the first official Loopy Elf and we had been friends for years before that. Now she’s our Office Manager and she’s the one that I describe by saying, “I couldn’t do this business without her, and I wouldn’t want to.” She and the other elves keep the orders moving out quickly and efficiently. She will be going in for Breast Cancer surgery tomorrow and I knew that all of you would want to know. I asked her if I could share this on the blog and she said, “Well, the more prayers the better, right?” We’re all hoping for a quick recovery for her and the best news possible on all accounts.  I will keep you posted.  She has a great outlook and she’s not a worrier. (I told her I’d worry enough for both of us.) Thank you for being the kind, caring group that I know you are. I know you’ll keep her prayed up and loved through this, and so will all of us here at Loopy.

Sheri andit’sprobablyagoodtimetoremindallofyoutobegettingthoseyearlyexams

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