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Blizzards, Boulder, and Sneak Up Info

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 30th, 2009 in Shop News

dsc02459We’re back from a snowy trip to Colorado for Spring Break! I was a little sentimental about this trip, as it’s Web Guy’s last Spring Break (he graduates in May). But I think we may be able to talk him into coming with us again next year, since he likes Colorado so much.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  We had several days of flurries while we were dsc02468there, and then one day of “blizzarding”. It was fun to sit inside with the fire going, watching the mess outside. We had about 20 inches of snow in the Keystone area, where we were staying. We had been waiting all week for a nice day to go snowmobiling. (We gave up skiing several years ago, but we do like to snowmobile.) The day after the dsc02461blizzard was the only sunny day that we had all week, and it was perfect for riding on the trails, since the snow was fresh. (Check out the lovely, very flattering, suits we had to wear…) We have a favorite tour company that we use and they take everyone up to a very very high “bowl” at the top of a mountain. The first time we went up there, I figured that it was as close to Heaven as you’re going to get, here on Earth!  It’s simply amazing. (There are some pretty steep hills up and down to get there and back, but that’s all part of the fun. Click on the photo to make it bigger.) We had a  great guide who veered off the trail and made new trails in the fresh snow for us to follow. When we stopped for some photo ops, College Guy took that opportunity to dump his sister (College Girl) in the snow. Several times.  She will definitely have to plan some serious revenge for that.

We traveled over to Boulder one day last week. I have always wanted to visit Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins, so we found that shop and enjoyed our time there. They have a Lab named Jack who is happy to greet everyone. (Although their website shows Shop Dog Brigit.) It’s always fun to see a shop dog or cat. We also enjoyed shopping on Pearl Street in Boulder – so many fun shops. It’s a good thing that I don’t live there.

dsc02442The other thing we did when in Boulder, was to visit the Schacht Spindle Company, makers of the Ladybug and Matchless Spinning Wheels that we have here. It was so fun to see how these wheels are made (and made me even more appreciative of my Matchless, which I love.) The time, care, and precision that goes into each wheel is dsc02446amazing. There are several large rooms with computerized routers, cutting and then sanding the different parts and pieces. And OH, there are a lot of pieces that go into each one.  Check out just the box of parts for the Ladybug (including the little Ladybugs. One is sitting somewhere on each Ladybug wheel that ships out.) This man is the one dsc02445who does the final job of putting it all together. Before any wheel is shipped out, either Jane or Stephanie spins on it to make sure that everything is working properly. That’s a lot of testing going on, for two people to take care of. There were some new products that they are working on, including a traveling/folding wheel for the future. (I did ask if I could tell you that on the blog. Jane said, “Sure!”) Not any time real soon, but just know that they’re working on it. With their commitment to  quality, I know that any travel wheel they come up with will be top-notch.

Today, I’m back in the office, catching up on emails and getting some Sneak Up things done for you. I know that I said we might not have one this week, but WH got up early this morning to come in and color-correct all of the photos that Photographer Elf Wendy got done last week. Yay!  So this week you will see these things going up: Cherry Tree Hill’s new semi-solid line in Supersock Select, Dye Dreams Dream Sox, Enchanted Knoll Farm Roving, The Sanguine Gryphon Eidos, Hand Maiden Sea Sik, Lorna’s Laces Pearl, Lorna’s Laces Clara Parkes colorway in Sock, Sport and roving, MonkeyPal (new indie dyer), Noro Silk Garden Sock in 8 new colors, Perchance to Knit Pamper Me Sock, Tempted Glam Grrl, Shibui Knits re-stock, new SpillyJane Patterns, 2 new Wendy Knits patterns, and new Woolpets kits. (And you saw that we added in Chocolate Princess and Blogging Geek window decals, right?) (Added later: all of the new things are now up here!)

Sheri whofinished3socksandworkedonherNoroSweaterduringSpringBreak

Spring Is On Its Way In!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, March 20th, 2009 in Contest

dsc02438How do I know? Because the flowers are blooming! Today was just beautiful – sunny, cool, and hinting of better things to come. Of course in the midst of all of this, we’re taking off to the mountains and snow in Colorado. (And I’m happy about that!) We’ll have a great week and then we’ll have this to look forward to when we get back. I’m so hoping that the lilac buds didn’t freeze and those will be along soon.

Thank you for all of your emails and inquiries about Susan. She’s home and doing well (feeling a little “Loopy” from pain meds, but then again I think she always feels a LITTLE Loopy, due to where she works…) I know that she’s looking forward to being back at work as soon as possible. In the meantime, Karen and the rest of the gals here will be packing and shipping your orders all week long while Susan and I are out. If the number of boxes here today is any indication, I know that they’ll be putting some fun things up for you to enjoy next week! (Although I did hear some groans when the UPS guy told us how many boxes he had for us today.)

Today is also the day to announce the winners from last week’s blog contest about your favorite mug. I used the random number generator and it picked 3 winners. (Why three? Because we usually draw 1 winner for every 250 or so comments.) This time, we’ll be sending prizes to Bonney in NH, Sharon in TX, and Nikki in Australia.  Congratulations to you three!  (If you’re wondering if it’s you, I also emailed all three.  Check your email box.) We’ll have another question for you to answer in our April Blog Contest.

No blog next week, but I’ll be back with pictures on Monday, March 30th. Have a great week and get lots of knitting done while I’m gone. I plan to!

Sheri whocan’twaittohavebothofherkidshometonight

Perfect Combination

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 in Shop News

dsc02433Remember my addiction to the alternating rows Noro Scarf? And then my seemingly endless fascination with Chevron/Feather and Fan scarves? I found a way to combine both loves into something new. (Well, actually Jane Ellison combined them for me.) This book has several sweater patterns that I would like to make. Not all, necessarily, out of Noro. I just like the construction of many of them. Although I’ll use Noro for a few, for sure. Can’t beat the colors. I started the Chevron Cardigan over the weekend and so far, it is a fun and easy knit. The bottom has the fun Chevron pattern (you can see my start in the photo), which then blends into the top part and straight rows.  All of it alternates from one color dsc02435to the other. They have a few varieties of this combo in the patterns, and I might have to explore more than one. Of course different Noro colors come and go, but it’s hard to go wrong with any two that you pick for something like this.  I’ll be taking this on vacation with me, so hopefully a lot of knitting will get done and I’ll have something to show when I get back.

I’m also taking:

- Dye Dreams Dream Sox (finishing up the cuff.  We’re getting this new base in any day, so watch for it when I get back.)
- Sweet Paprika Sock (finishing up the cuff.  This is a new indie dyer with hand-dyed stripes – also due to arrive any day.)
- Sanguine Gryphon Bugga Sock (knitting the second sock, which I can’t believe I haven’t already done, FPS.)
- a couple of test yarns (which shall remain unnamed…)

I always worry that I’ll run out of things to work on. How many things would you take on a week’s vacation? I always overdo it.  Plus, there’s a nice little yarn shop in Frisco, so if I do run out, there are opportunities to pick up more. Funny, I never worry that I’ll run out of clothes or anything important like that.  Just yarn projects.

I have had such fun reading about your favorite mugs! I especially loved the comment from Lois in FL, who mentioned the term “Pottery Stash”.  What a concept!  And with all of the fun links that you left in your comments, there are certainly many opportunities to add to the stash. If one were so inclined.  I’ll do a quick blog post on Friday to draw names for the winners of the Wollmeise.

While I’m gone next week, watch for re-stocks to go up. We have large shipments of ShibuiKnits, Louet, Addi Needles, HiyaHiya needles, Vinyl Car Decals, Dream in Color Starry, and more, on the way in. Also, when I get back and we do our next official Sneak Up, I hope to have the Dye Dreams Dream Sox, Sweet Paprika in sock yarn and worsted, MonkeyPal Handy-Dyed, Lorna’s Laces Pearl line (plus the new colorway named after Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review), and a few other things that are currently in-transit. There’s always something new coming in around here!

Sheri whomustcleantheyarnsamplesandpaperworkoffherdesk

Loopy Groupie Welcome (and Sneak Up Info)!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 16th, 2009 in Shop News

We love adding Loopy Groupies to our list! (For information on how to become a Loopy Groupie, click here.) A very big welcome to the following people who have joined the ranks recently. We’re so glad to have you here! (It’s a long list – head to the last paragraph if you just want the Sneak Up Info…):

Sandra in MD, Sarah in OR, Linda in IL, Lauren in VA, Sachiko in Japan, Wanda in IL, Aubrey in OK, Natalie in PA, Jillian in NY, Jennifer in MI, Suzette in OH, Emily in VA, Jamie in AK, Stephanie in NH, Carrie in ND, Susan in AL, Nerissa in MD, Stephanie in MD, Karen in AK, Connie in OK, Kate in GA, Melissa in CA, Megan in NY, Cathleen in NY, Vicki in Canada, Alicia in the UK, Jessica in TX, Michelle in MD, Amy in MI, Lindsey in VA, Rachel in MI, Diane in FL, Dannette in CA, Alicia in VA, Elsha in PA, Susan in MI, Carole in WV, Miwako in Japan, Valorie in TX, Debi in VA, Melissa in OH, Halcyon in TX, Hollie in Australia, Cindy in NY, Barbara in FL, Karen in NY, Heather in IN, Allise in NJ, Mindy in VA, Amy in TX, Diane in CO, Louise in Canada, Christina in CO, Mary in MI, Linda in PA, Liz in SC, Paula in CO, Hanne-Maria in Finland, Juliana in CT, Brynnicole in WA, Jennifer in MA, Paige in NM, Margaret in IL, Jennifer in MO, Colleen in PA, Heather in AL, Elisabeth in VA, Denise in OH, Lori in OH, Elizabeth in AL, Jessica in the military, Vicky in CO, Elizabeth in MN, Ellen in WI, Kathryn in MN, Emily in MA, Sandra in OH, Sonia in Australia, Lyn in NC, Dawn in WA, Barbara Anne in NE, Ada in NY, Krista in CA, Kathleen in CA, Megan in Canada, Mary Ellen in GA, Nhel in TX, Nicole in NH, Lisa in CA, Neila in MN, Meredith in MI, Judith in FL, Carol in NY, Elin in Australia, Jody in CO, Leslie in NV, Trisha in MI, Elizabeth in KY, Dana in WA, Jenna in CA, Liz in MA, Dorothy in MA, Maureen in MA, Pam in NY, Jennifer in ME, Peggy in IL, Sarah in NJ, Kathleen in OH, Sylvia in IL, Francesca in VA, Mary in TX, Kim in CA, Katherine in CA, Susan in NY, Sue in MI, Ingrid in Norway, Lynn in WI, Heather in TX, Carrie in TN, Becky in GA, Victoria in WI, Kimberly in CA, Brandy in IL, Catherine in VA, Jean in OH, Crystal in WI, Stacey in Canada, Stephanie in WI, Jennifer in NY, Margaret in AL, Nancy in ID, Lauren in OH, Molly in MN, Lisa in OR, Tami in CO, Melissa in IN, Angela in KY, Wendy in MA, Karin in The Netherlands, Donna in CT, Ingrid in CA, Faith in PA, Fiona in Scotland, Meg in MI, Patty in MN, Angela in NY, Catrina in NC, Tonia in CA, Kay in NM, Abby in MO, Mary Anne in NJ, Sharon in MN, Julie in ME, Amy in MA, Ericka in MI, Anne in PA, Crystal in NY, Leslee in CO, Mariko in NY, Carina in OR, Sharon in WA, Summer in NE, Jamie in IN, Melissa in UT, Catherine in IL, Maria in OR, Joy in MI, Delia in OK, Laura in WA, Laura in MA, Lilith in CT, Natalie in NY, Peggy in AZ, Dixie in CA, Kathryn in CA, Alice in TN, Lisa in OH, Sandra in WA, Julie in TX, Rebekka in OH, Denisa in HI, Bernadette in PA, Patricia in NY, Susan in CA, Amber in ND, Kristin in Norway, Cassandra in Australia, Kate in TX, Hollis in MA, Lori in WA, Debby in OH, Maritza in NY, Elizabeth in PA, Mary in CO, Nancy in MN, Kellie in MA, Andrea in FL, Jennifer in PA, Angela in IL, Laurie in MA, Ruth in CA, Jane in VT, Christine in MA, Julie in OH, Veronica in WA, Elisa in IL, Michelle in UT, Beverly in WA, Peggy in FL, Elizabeth in WI, Joy in OR, Sharon in RI, Corrie in MA, Karla in MT, Nancy in VT, Stephanie in FL, Adina in OR, Robin in OH, Grace in CA, Kim in MN, Joan in New Zealand, Mary in OR, Karla in TX, Sherilan in CO, Loide in TX, Natasha in KS, Carol in NJ, Aja in WA, Amber in VA, Gayle in OH, Evelyn in IA, Valeria in AL, Patricia in CA, Jeanne in CA, Kathy in CO, Michelle in WA, Kathleen in OH, Abigail in CA, Diana in TX, Kris in IN, Susan in OH, Tammy in GA, Vanesa in NV, Lisa in CA, Nicole in OR, Gwenn in LA, Jeanne in MN, Christine in NJ, Courtney in NY, Michelle in TX, Melissa in CA, Linda in NJ, Jennifer in NY, Kate in MD, Gina in OH, Heike in PA, Ruth Mary in the UK, Bridget in WA, Kimberly in CA, Cheryl in OH, Marissa in NJ, Lynn in OH, and Ursa in Canada.

This week’s Sneak Up is going to include some new colors of Colinette Jitterbug, gorgeous new colors from Sabine of Sheepaints in Germany, new patterns from Shibui Knits, Claudia Hand Painted, and Gardiner Yarn Works, and 20 beautiful colors of Nyoni from Fleece Artist. This is the same yarn base as Fleece Artist’s popular Somoko, but without the Superwash feature. (65% wool, 20% kid mohair, 5% silk and 10% nylon.) We have it in 817 yd skeins which are perfect for shawls and stoles (or 2 pairs of socks!), but the best part is the price. Just $20 per skein on this special run. Watch for it later tonight or tomorrow.

starryDue to Spring Break next week, we won’t have an official Sneak Up for you. (My family is headed to the mountains in CO, which, as you know, is our favorite place to be. I anticipate lots of knitting time going on.) However, we will be updating re-stocks as they come in. We have quite a few things on order, both re-stocks and new. The week after next …. we may have that beautiful Dream in Color Starry back in stock. We’ll keep you posted on that. They’re dyeing up a storm and we ordered a bunch again! (Not familiar with Starry? Click on that photo to see why they named it that. It’s hard to capture it all in a photograph.)

Did you weigh in on your favorite mug/teacup in our March blog contest? We’ll randomly draw a winner for Wollmeise on Friday, so leave your comment by then. Also, for those of you who have asked, The Loopy Limelight WILL be back soon – I promise!

Finally, please keep Susan (Loopy Office Manager) in your thoughts and prayers again. She is undergoing her second surgery for breast cancer tomorrow. Knowing Susan, she’ll find a shamrock tattoo to wear into the operating room…

Sheri enjoyingawarmandsunnydayhereinSt.Louis

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