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Spring Is On Its Way In!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, March 20th, 2009 in Contest

dsc02438How do I know? Because the flowers are blooming! Today was just beautiful – sunny, cool, and hinting of better things to come. Of course in the midst of all of this, we’re taking off to the mountains and snow in Colorado. (And I’m happy about that!) We’ll have a great week and then we’ll have this to look forward to when we get back. I’m so hoping that the lilac buds didn’t freeze and those will be along soon.

Thank you for all of your emails and inquiries about Susan. She’s home and doing well (feeling a little “Loopy” from pain meds, but then again I think she always feels a LITTLE Loopy, due to where she works…) I know that she’s looking forward to being back at work as soon as possible. In the meantime, Karen and the rest of the gals here will be packing and shipping your orders all week long while Susan and I are out. If the number of boxes here today is any indication, I know that they’ll be putting some fun things up for you to enjoy next week! (Although I did hear some groans when the UPS guy told us how many boxes he had for us today.)

Today is also the day to announce the winners from last week’s blog contest about your favorite mug. I used the random number generator and it picked 3 winners. (Why three? Because we usually draw 1 winner for every 250 or so comments.) This time, we’ll be sending prizes to Bonney in NH, Sharon in TX, and Nikki in Australia.  Congratulations to you three!  (If you’re wondering if it’s you, I also emailed all three.  Check your email box.) We’ll have another question for you to answer in our April Blog Contest.

No blog next week, but I’ll be back with pictures on Monday, March 30th. Have a great week and get lots of knitting done while I’m gone. I plan to!

Sheri whocan’twaittohavebothofherkidshometonight

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