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Here’s What I Wonder About Today

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Friday, May 29th, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc02651This is what I’m contemplating today:

1. What’s the appeal of Twitter? Do people really enjoy knowing what other people are doing all day long? I don’t get it. I have an account set up there just in case, but I have never used it because I’m waiting to be enlightened on the whole thing.  And when you Twitter – do people then “answer” your Tweet (did I use that word right?) and then you have to answer their answer? It sounds time consuming. But bottom line, do we really need to know that much about everyone’s life? Or do I just not get it because I’m not on it?

2.  Why isn’t there a National Knitting Month? All knitters could be exempt from household duties that month, in order to knit and “promote knitting worldwide”. Oh, and yarn budgets triple during National Knitting Month. Sounds reasonable. Crocheters get their own month, too.

3.  Why does the same cute rabbit keep bounding back and forth in my backyard? (I’m home, making Snickerdoodles and blogging on the back porch. Oh, hey!  I could’ve Twittered/Tweeted that, right? But unless you’re a block over and can stop by for warm Snickerdoodles, why would you want to know?)

4.  Who has knitted the most items in their lifetime? And who has the biggest stash? (Doris sent me this link and thinks that Bonney might win in this category. I agree!) And who has taught the most people to knit? Shouldn’t there be a “Knitter’s Hall of Fame” somewhere?

5.  How am I going to get a booth’s worth of fixtures and yarn from St. Louis to Portland for the Sock Summit in August? Having a booth? Not stressful. Meeting all of you there? Downright fun! Coordinating the booth contents, getting them all out there, figuring out where to store it all before I get there, or thinking about taking 3 long days to drive it out, or coordinating a delivery by freight? Giving me nightmares. Absolutely stressing me out.

Got any answers? Or any things you’re wondering about yourself?

Sheri backyardneighborisweedwhipping,nolongerpeacefulontheporch.(Hey,Icould’veTwitter/Tweetedthat….)

One Graduate and Two Contest Winners

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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 in Uncategorized

Graduation Week-end is over and we have one less college bill to pay a successfully graduated son – woohoo!  It was a fun weekend and I’m glad that my folks, WH’s mom, and my brother were all there to help us celebrate.  Here are some photos for you:

College Guy and his favorite friends (L-R): Matt, Audrey, Jen, Gretchen and Danny:


College Guy and his favorite room-mates (not Jessica. :-)  She’s Nathan’s fiancee and since the rest of these guys are currently girlfriend-less. she claims them all for her own and calls them “My Boys”. I think she has a pretty good deal!) L-R: Danny, Nathan, Jessica, Dan and Philip.


College Guy and his friend Matt getting ready to drive off to O’Hare Airport in Chicago to catch a plane to Budapest for their backpacking adventure (they met up with Matt’s college sister over there):


Look who they ran into at O’Hare – Janice’s son A and his girlfriend C! They had just flown back from C’s semester overseas and were driving back to Iowa that afternoon. Funny that their time overlapped at the airport!


Speaking of trips, it was so fun to read all of your hometown entries in the May Blog Contest! Clearly I don’t get out enough, because every one of them seemed like a must-see. You all have some great things to do in your hometowns and it made me wish that we could just hop in a car and start making the rounds. (And then we’d have to hop a plane to visit all of you overseas.) I’m ready! We did the Randomizer to find two winners for the contest. It picked Holly in CO and Allison in CT. Congratulations to both of you!  We’re sending off your Loopy Care Packages in the morning.  Watch for our June contest in a couple of weeks – we have another fun question for you to ponder and answer.

Have you noticed my lack of knitting progress on the blog, lately? That’s because I’ve been knitting away on my Girasole. I counted up last night and I have 30 more rows to go, and then the knitted edge. That doesn’t seem like a lot, until you realize that each row is 640 stitches, and I’ve heard that the knitted edge takes forever. I’m still enjoying it, though. I’ve also started my Challenge Socks. Good thing, since they need to be done by the end of June.

In re-stocking news, we have put up: more Dream in Color Classy, new colors of Yarn Love roving, Perchance to Knit Midnight Rainbow/Harlot’s Peacock Lace, and the Knit Kits are back in. Coming up (so far) for next week: Creatively Dyed Calypso, L&V Intentions Yarn and Roving, Yarn Love Juliet, Perchance to Knit Lace, Hazelknits, and possibly Numma Numma The Usual (if we get it in time to photo for the Sneak Up. It’s in the mail!).

Sheri knittingdaughterjustdroveupintheparkinglot.Ilovehavingherhomeforthesummer!

Welcome New Loopy Groupies and a CONTEST!

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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 in Contest

dsc02646It’s time to welcome new Loopy Groupies again. (I’m trying to do this more often so that the list isn’t quite so long and intimidating!) You become an official “Loopy Groupie” when you get your sixth package from us. When I first came up with this idea, waaaay back in the beginning when we first opened our shop, I remember wondering if it was a good idea. Would people think it was silly? Would anyone want to be a Loopy Groupie? I’m so glad that the answer was yes! (And people started reaching that magic number of packages so much quicker than I anticipated. Now that I know you all a lot better, it doesn’t surprise me a bit, but back then it did.) We’re glad to have you all with us, and a big, warm welcome to those who have recently joined in:

Catherine in WI, Dana in MO, Diana in FL, Anne in TN, Susie in CA, Dani in NC, Brianne in MO, Ann in CO, Lois in FL, Laura in NC, Tamara in CO, Cecilia in CA, Liesl in MI, Courtney in OK, Carolyn in CA, Jami in NC, Hallie in Ireland, Jane in TX, Regina in NM, Margaret in NV, Catherine in CO, Tiffany in VA, Susan in IL, Michelle in MO, Nancy in NY, Laura in MD, Jean in WA, Patricia in CA, Allison in Canada, Jody in MI, Judith in MI, Edna in KY, Susan in OH, Irene in Norway, Lisa in IL, June in NY, Grace in NJ, Gail in NH, Robin in KY, Stasia in WI, Denise in MA, William in OH, Jennifer in TX, Sally in VA, Matt in NE, Lauren in TX, Randi in GA, Amanda in MD, Irene in MA, Jocelyn in NY, Beth in MD, Lizzie in GA, Carol in NJ, Desiree in PA, Olivia in FL, April in MA, Karen in MN, Barbara in ME, Jean in OH, Samantha in NY, Helen in Sweden, Linda in GA, Jessi in VA, Denise in TX, Karen in DE, Emily in WA, Sandra in CA, Rhonda in NY, Melanie in Canada, Sarah in CA, Angela in CA, Marybeth in NC, Lisa in NC, Cherie in IA, Chana in CA, Kaisa in The Philippines, Vivian in VA, Mary in NY, Leonard in D.C., Theresa in CO, Jen in CA, Sharon in Canada, Suzette in OR, Leanne in The UK, Cheryl in Canada, Kristina in IL, Tasina in IL, Conchita in CA, Leslie in AZ, Sheryl in WI, Judith in PA, Cammie in WV, Beverly in CA, Laura in PA, Katy in AZ, Hazel in The UK, Nancy in TX, Holly in MA, Janie in IL, Barbara in D.C., Dorothy in FL, Michelle in MA, Jennifer in NJ, Rani in MN, Symbra in NC, Jennifer in the Armed Forces, Amy in MN, Arlene in NY, Julie in MI, Denise in IN, Antonia in NJ, Thersa in AZ, Terri in OR, Erin in CA, Kyoko in Japan, Kate in Australia, Georgiana in NY, Whitney in KS, Sue in WA, Toria in MI, Rosemary in VA, Trish in MD, Diane in Canada, Joanne in TX, Diane in CA, Jennie in PA, Mara in Spain, Wendy in MA, Elaine in CA, Soraya in South Korea, Alison in VT, Donna in IL, Kathleen in MN, Erica in OH, Elpida in KS, Julianne in MN, Josette in ME, Amy in WA, Gita in D.C., Laura in KS, Sarah in NE, Carol in NH, Susan in NY, Siw in Norway, Lisa in WA, Mary in VA, Jennifer in CA, Deborah in CT, and Marlon in The Netherlands.

We send packages all over the world, and there are so many times that we’re wrapping something up and someone says, “You know, I would be happy to deliver this one in person!” We do the next best thing – we send Loopy out to spend the summer with you, wherever you are. I hope you’re showing him a good time and taking pictures! But if we WERE going to deliver an order to you in person, what would you want us to see in your home town while we were there? That’s the Blog Contest question this month. What would you want to show us in your hometown before we headed back home? What is on your “must do and see here” list when you have visitors in town? Leave a comment and tell us one thing (or several things) and you’ll be entered to win a special Loopy Care Package. We’ll do the lottery drawings a week from today.

I’ll be out of town on Friday, so I’ll be back to the blog next week – Monday or Wednesday. Don’t forget, Monday is a holiday here in the U.S. – no mail going out. (We’ll make up for it on Tuesday, I promise.) This weekend is graduation for College Guy up in Indiana. I can hardly believe it. After he graduates, he’s heading off on a 2 1/2 week backpacking trip in Europe with some friends (you know, the kind of thing you do before you have job or family responsibilities.) He’ll get home and have a little time off  for the summer and then will head to FL to work for the company he interned with last summer. College Girl will come home with us this weekend and she’s going to be a Loopy Elf this summer. It will be fun to have her here!

Since we’ll be gone for the weekend and since Monday is a holiday, I’m not sure when/if we’ll do a Sneak Up. We’ll continue adding in things as they come in, though. For those of you wanting the Lorna’s Laces Wendy Knits color, we sold out of the Shepherd Sock, but we expect more in today or tomorrow. (Edit – It’s here! The gals at Lorna’s Laces are awesome.) As we were packing all of those skeins up yesterday, one of the Elves said, “I can’t believe we went through that many bags of this colorway and it all sold out. What’s the deal?” and another Elf answered, “Everyone loves Wendy!” Yes, yes we do. :-) We still have the colorway available in the Shepherd Sport and in the Roving.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to leave us the “must-sees” for your home town!

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Better Backyard Crowd

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Monday, May 18th, 2009 in Loopy

dsc02642There’s a better crowd under the birdfeeders now. I am happy to say that I haven’t seen the possum pair since I took that photo. That makes me very very happy. We’re back to the duck pair and the regular rabbits and chipmunks scrounging under the birdfeeders. (Just noticed I had typed in “rabbis” instead of “rabbits”. Glad I caught that. We have no rabbis scrounging birdseed at the moment. Just rabbits.) I have to say, Jessica’s comment made me laugh out loud:

“Aww, don’t be so hard on the possums! We had one on our front porch when I was young… my mom picked it up one night… she was outside to get the cat and hadn’t bothered to turn on the dsc02643porch light… I’m not sure who was more startled, but no one was bitten and the thing actually became sort of an outdoor pet.”

I’m just trying to imagine that. I’m pretty sure I would’ve shrieked and thrown it across the porch without even thinking. And I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood would’ve heard me.

dsc02508Check out the Elf Mugs in the Loopy kitchen. I had them done with all of our names on them, and then WH built the handy-dandy mug rack for me. We like having our own mugs! These are made by Twisted River Clayworks, my favorite pottery people over on etsy. I have ordered from them several times and they get the orders out quickly and package them up really well. It’s a dsc02644pleasure to do business with them. (You might remember me talking about them in this post. They made my very favorite mug!) And here’s another fun etsy seller that I like – MudHutt Studio. I think this memo pad is made to swap out the clay ornament part if you want. I like her whimsical designs.

Sneak Up is up for the week – come see. We’ve added a lot!

Sheri hopingtoworkonGirasoletonight.Anyoneelsemakingonerightnow?

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