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There Was Shopping, Too!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 in Uncategorized

dsc02612Part Two of my report from Maryland Sheep and Wool – there was also shopping! I kept half of my suitcase empty on the way out, just in case I needed all of that space for purchases. Somehow, I showed remarkable restraint. (Or it might be that with a shop full of yarn at home, I was able to bypass most all of the yarn. Or maybe because when I do knit, I like knitting with things that we have here, or things that I’m considering adding in.) I did love all of the sheep-y items that were available, like this “Keeper of the Sheep” box. Speaking of keeping sheep, did I happen to mention how much I would like to have a flock of them? Good thing it’s against the neighborhood rules. However, my friend Janice lives in Iowa on 10 acres. Do you see any reason why she couldn’t have a flock of sheep? I don’t either. (Janice? Sheep?)

dsc02615I also enjoyed seeing all of the sheep photos/photo-cards/paintings. Here are just a few that I bought. See the one in the bottom left corner? The photographer had been photoing several sheep just around the bend, and when he walked down this path he found this sheep had just given birth to the baby. I also like the one on the top left – the sheep eating yellow flowers. After watching the sheep herding demonstrations, you understand why they say that sheep aren’t the smartest animals in the kingdom. However, they’re a lot of fun to watch, and they sure provide us with some great fiber. (The Border Collies that herded the sheep? Brilliant.  And they looked like it was all fun and games to them.)

dsc02613I went to MDSW with Loopy Elf Donna (that was her petting the sheep in Monday’s post) and we arrived a day early. We had fun hitting a local shopping area and some antique stores. I bought this wonderfully preserved pair of baby socks, handknit in the early 1900′s. Aren’t they fun? I will have to have WH make a wee pair of sock blockers to display them on. I wish I knew the Knitter who spent hours knitting them up. (When I checked out, the sales gal said, “$24? Wow, that’s a lot of money for little socks.” Obviously not a knitter.) I wish I was good at translating this into a pattern for adult socks. I like how it looks. (Click on the photo to make it bigger. Does anyone recognize a pattern in there?)

We have cases and cases of yarn and Namaste bags to unpack today. Next week’s Sneak Up is going to be fun!

Sheri whothinkshercatswouldalsoobjecttohavingsheepinthebackyard

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