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Organizing Your Knitting “Stuff”

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, June 8th, 2009 in Yarn Storage

The more time I spend as a Knitter, the more … stuff … I collect. Stuff = Yarn, patterns, needles, project bags, knitting books, etc. I’m always looking for ways to maximize my knitting storage space, while keeping it organized enough to find things. I had all of my knitting things in this room in our basement (note – this is also the little corner where The Loopy Ewe started out in the beginning!). I have since moved everything upstairs to the main floor. My current knitting/spinning room was intended to be a living room when our house was built, but instead we’ve used it as a home office up until now. Now – it’s a fiber room and that’s my favorite use for this room so far. I’m still working on the perfect “look” and organization of it, but here are a few storage ideas that I use:

dsc02715This closet is full of shelves. This closet holds some of my books and loose patterns (in 3 ring notebooks), most of my project bags (you know I love bags), my current projects on the needles, and all of my needle inventory. There are some skeins of yarn in there, and all of the yarn for the pairs to all of the single socks that I own. :-) Note, I did not take the time to straighten this all up for the photo, so you get to see it as it usually looks.

dsc02716Also in my fiber room, I have this cabinet that I bought just for holding yarn. I love the pretty colors of the yarn showing through the glass. I do go through this and switch the yarn around a few times a year, just to prevent fading. I also have pieces of cedar on each shelf (from here) so that the inside of the cabinet is cedar-scented to deter moths, since it’s not airtight. (I’ve never seen a moth in there, but I never want to, either.) And lest you worry about me, no, that is not all the yarn in my stash. Not by a long shot. I gave up on keeping my stash photoed and organized on my Ravelry account, but I have a new plan for keeping track of it all. I’ll show you that eventually, too.

dsc02714Next to my knitting chair, I have this bin. Since I like switching up the projects I work on, you can see 4 different project bags. I really like these bags. (Note: we have new 3 AM Bags going up on the website sometime today. See the Lemons and the Owls? I snagged both of those out of this new batch. The Elephants bag was a gift from my friend Michelle in MO, and the Sheep bag was a gift from my friend Michele in Maine, who also has her cute bags on Etsy.) Currently in those bags: Wollmeise Socks, Spirit Trail Fiberworks Socks, Numma Numma Challenge Socks, and a Shibui Wrap that will have to be transferred to a larger bag as it grows. The red and blue things hold the patterns that I’m currently working on. I use these all over the place, not just for knitting patterns (for important phone lists, for reference lists here at Loopy, etc.) They’re like a super heavyweight page protector – 9 x 12 -  and I get them from Uline.

dsc02720Back to the Fiber Room – I have pottery like this holding misc. needles. Since I also do that with needles here at Loopy (old needles that I have collected), I just took a photo of the ones here. (Red flower pot – bought cheap somewhere. Sheep Vase from Jennie the Potter.  The needle vase I use at home came from from my favorite Etsy pottery people.)

As I said, it’s all a work in progress. I don’t re-arrange it often (it takes away from knitting time) but it helps me to have things organized because I’m less likely to duplicate things that way. To see some other photos of knitting corners and storage ideas, check out our photo gallery. (If you have some photos of your area that you’d like to add to that gallery, we’d love to see them!)

Do you a separate area for your knitting things? Do you have any fun storage ideas you’d like to share with us?

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