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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 in Uncategorized

DSC02816I never take vacations that last longer than a week. It seems weird to still be out here this week. Weird, but very very good. (You know, I could never do this without Susan and the Elves back at Loopy Central. They are The Best.) Today was all about the “be”. Or – is there something even less than “be” on the scale of  “be” and “do”? Because that would be me. I read a little, had some coffee, trolled around online, read a little more ….. laziness.  Finally, we took about a mile walk over to Starbucks and back, just to get the blood moving. No one in my family particularly likes having their photo taken for the blog, but I made them, today. Don’t they look nice and relaxed? WH just got here last night. The kids and I drove out earlier. I think WH needs some Elves at his work, so that he can get a little more time off. Now I have to figure out what to fix for dinner. According to my carefully designed menu list for the week, I think I was supposed to put something in the crockpot this morning. But in all of my lazy-stupor, I didn’t think about it.  Now I might be in trouble.

DSC02817In knitting news, I started a second sock out of the String Theory Bimini. You know what that means? I want to wear them on my feet this fall, not just have one on display at Loopy. I know that we have sold out of several colors already. We’ll have more as soon as possible. Right now they’re working on an order for me for The Sock Summit. (Who’s coming to that big event? We are looking forward to seeing you there!)

Sock Clubbers – it’s almost July, and you know what that means? Another Sock Club Kit coming out to you soon. Watch your emails for the invoice sometime later this week!

Sheri reallyneedingtoworkonmysweater,butcan’tputthesocksdown

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