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From Then to Now, New Specials, and a CONTEST!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, August 17th, 2009 in Shop News

In honor of our Third Anniversary Month, I’m doing a special contest blog on three different Mondays in August. Today’s blog starts with a mini photo history of Loopy Central.

We started in a little corner of the basement and this was just going to be a little thing I did “on the side”.  It was going to be “on the side” because I already had a fun scrapbooking business that I had been doing for 14 years. After Loopy took off, I retired from the scrapbooking business to put all of my time and effort here, instead. (This is one of the first Knitting Groups to come shop in person! Honestly, our space was not a whole lot bigger than what you see in the photo. I had to move out of the little corner so that they’d have room to move around a wee bit and shop.)


We packed boxes and left them on the porch and in our front hallway for the mailman.


Soon we had to expand the shelves into the rest of our basement, to fit more yarn and accessories in.


Then we gave up and moved it out of the house and into our own space.


After a year in the new space, we added the space next to ours so that we could double the size again.


Since we still have plenty of room to add more shelves in our current space, I’m hoping we won’t have to expand any more! (And I have no desire to get to the “warehouse” size. I want to work in a colorful, fun, inspiring-looking shop. I love walking into Loopy Central every morning. It’s bright and cheerful and happy here!)


Today’s blog contest question: How did you  first find out about The Loopy Ewe?  Leave your answer in the blog comments, and we’ll draw for winners next week. (And it’s ok to say “I don’t remember” if you don’t remember.) We send out one prize package for every 250 comments and last week we gave out 5 of them. (What’s in there? We sent 3 skeins of yarn and 3 accessories in each package, because we’re kind of into 3′s this month.) We’re ready to send out more, so leave your comments and we’ll use the random number generator to draw new names sometime next week.

This week’s Anniversary Special: we have all Cherry Tree Hill yarn, all Heartstrings patterns, and all GoKnit accessories for 20% off. Enjoy this special until midnight Friday. The final Anniversary Week Specials (and our last Anniversary Contest) will be announced in the blog next week.

Also – we just added new things to the website!  Under What’s New, you’ll find: Numma Numma Toasty and The Usual, String Theory, Prism Merino Mia, Schoppel Wolle Zauberball (including the new Crazy colors), Yarn Pirate, Intentions Yarn by Miss Violet, Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Super Sock (brand new!), Perchance to Knit/Spin Roving, 3 AM Emily Bags, Loopy’s Carabiner Tape Measure, Loopy’s Red Sticky Book, and a Lorna’s Laces re-stock, including the Sock Summit colorways (Hydra Pool Party, Lorna’s Lazers, Frankenstein’s Cotillion, Hobgoblin Hoedown, Ghoul’s Gala, Nightmare’s Night Out, and Medusa’s Masquerade.) Next week we’ll also have Whidbey Island, which is the special colorway they did for us to have exclusively at the Summit. Zombie BBQ sold out at the Summit, but we’ll get more for you. Also next week, the special colors that Dream in Color flash-dyed for us to have at the Sock Summit, and several other fun things as well.

Sheri whoworkedonaNummaNummasockthisweekend

Yarn Coming In, Yarn Going Out

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, August 14th, 2009 in Shop News

DSC02952Whew – what a week. You all had fun with the Dream in Color, didn’t you? In fact, although we were well stocked before the sale, the shelves are sadly empty today. You cleaned us out! Just a reminder that the Dream in Color, Wendy Knits Patterns, and Annie Adams accessories sale goes off tonight, so if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a couple of things, get your order in. :-) Thank you to every one of you for your orders (and continued anniversary wishes) this week. You’ve kept us busy! 

DSC02953Just as those orders have been going out, the boxes from the Sock Summit have arrived back in. We’re working on getting those unpacked and logged in and set aside for photos. I’ve included some shots to give you a peek at what we will have for you soon! Are you one of those people who always takes/makes too much? We used to joke about my German grandmother, because she always fixed way too much food when she had us over for dinner. Heaven forbid that we should run out and someone would go home hungry. She loved fixing meals for her family and friends. Now my family jokes about me, because I have developed the same habit. When we have people over for dinner, there are always lots and lots of leftovers. Is this a German thing? Or just a thing in my family? I think I must’ve had that mindset for the Sock Summit as well. We certainly sold a lot of yarn while we were out there, but heaven forbid that we should run out. So I packed extra. Plenty extra. But the good news is that even if you missed being at the Sock Summit in person, you can still get in on the beautiful yarns! (You know, if we would’ve sold out, I would’ve ordered more of it for all of you anyway. I will always watch out for you, whether you go to these events or not.) So we’ll keep working on the unpacking and photo-ing, and we’ll get it up for you as soon as we can.

Thank you for all of the anniversary wishes! It has been fun to read through them and we really appreciate you taking the time to comment. We have used the random number generator to pick five winners from last week’s comments. We’ll be sending fun prize packages out to Jocelyn in Dubai, Terri in TX, Cheryl in MO, Michelle in OH, and Bonnie in CA! (I emailed all of you, so check your email boxes if you’re wondering if this is you.)  We’ll have our second contest this coming Monday (the 17th), and our third and final blog contest on the following Monday (the 24th). And of course we’ll have more “3 lines” sales starting both of those Mondays, too, so watch the blog and your email for news of that. Then we’ll be doing a whole lot of re-stocking of all of these lines that you’ve enjoyed cleaning us out of!

Knitting Daughter reminded me this week that she goes back to college in a week and a half. Where in the heck did this whole summer go? Aaaackk!!!

Sheri whoisdeterminedtocatchuponsomesleepthisweekend.Andknit.

More Anniversary Sale News and SS Wrapup

Photo: Sheri Berger
Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 in Shop News

DSC02946First the Sale news!  You know that this is our Anniversary Month (and thank you for all of your sweet anniversary wishes on the blog!). We originally said we’d do a sale of three lines, every other Monday in August. (That’s three lines, three different Mondays, to celebrate our third anniversary.) Because someone (and I’m not mentioning any names, Web Guy) forgot that it was going to be every other Monday instead of every Monday, some of you have already  noticed that a new set of “three lines” went on sale last evening!  So – what the heck. We decided that we’d go ahead and do three lines this week, three lines next week, and probably even three lines the week after that. Forget what I said about “every other week” sales and enjoy these bonuses! This week, you’ll find all lines of Dream in Color, all Wendy Knits patterns, and all Annie Adams accessories at 20% off. Watch for three new lines up on sale next week.

DSC02947The Sock Summit is history and we’re back in St. Louis. I think I could sleep for a week. The days were long and somehow I managed to catch a bad cold (or allergies) enroute. Other than that, we had a great time out there. We were so thankful to see Loopy Groupie Lou during the setup time on Wednesday. She was one of the SS Volunteers and she came right over and helped us set up our booth. (We also had Loopy Groupie Lise’s cute kids, Annie and Craig, helping us set up shelves for a bit, but the photo didn’t turn out.) The best part truly was meeting so many Loopy Groupies (and aspiring Loopy Groupies). I’m glad so many of you were able to attend. It was also great to meet so many new people who said, “Well I’ve heard about you, but I haven’t ordered from you yet.” It was fun to connect in person. The other comment that DSC02944I heard several times … “Aren’t you the shop that Wendy Knits likes so much?” And one person even said, “Do you pay her to mention your shop on her blog?”, which totally cracked me up. Of course we don’t pay for something like that. We’re just always eternally grateful that Wendy likes us here – and we love her, too!

DSC02943Our booth was busy most of the time, but I was still able to bring back plenty of fun stuff to put up here at Loopy for you, soon. (It’s being shipped, so we’ll have it back here to put up next week or the week after. We’ll keep you posted.) We’ll be putting up extra Numma Numma, Tempted Luxe Grrl, Yarn Pirate, String Theory, Casbah, Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sock, and those cute new project bags from 3AM Enchantments that you noticed in the photos from our Sock Summit blog. And don’t think I haven’t already realized that if I had put all of these things up in a Sneak Up, you all would’ve bought them out quickly. You guys know how to shop!! 

DSC02948I had fun meeting and talking with many of the teachers as they popped in our booth. I’ve sprinkled a few photos in here. Top to bottom: Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (L) and her travel companion (her book Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy was another one that I added to my knitting library early on), Loopy Groupie Lou, me with Anna Zilboorg (can’t wait for her Magnificent Mittens and Socks book to ship), Lucy Neatby, Nancy Bush (L) with Beth Casey of Lorna’s Laces, and Sivia Harding with Carson Demers. My favorite designer to meet in person was Nancy DSC02950Bush. The amount of research she has done into the history of sock knitting is amazing, and I always enjoy reading that in her books. But the other reason I loved meeting her is because I hold her responsible for getting me into sock knitting. We were on vacation in Colorado one summer and I came across one of her books. After flipping through it, I decided that I needed to learn how to make socks, because one could never have too many socks, and the patterns in that book were very enticing. I told her that story, and she said, “And look at you now!” It was really fun to meet her. (The book of hers that I have used the most is Knitting Vintage Socks. Great book.) I also had a nice talk with Barbara Walker on the elevator at the hotel. Her stitch pattern books (A Treasury of Knitting Patterns) are ones that you will find in most every knitter’s library. Did you know that she invented the SSK stitch? I sat in on her “How I Became a Knitter” talk.  That first Treasury came about after she spent 3 days in the Library of Congress Archives, hand-copying knitting patterns that went back to the 1830′s. Out of her four stitch dictionaries, I have found that the first and second ones have been the most useful to me.

Sorry for the long post! Too much to say and share. I’ll be back to the blog on Friday, and will also post the winner’s from our anniversary blog post contest. We’ll do another contest on next Monday’s blog. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s “Three-Lines” sale in honor of our anniversary month!

Sheri whoalsofoundsomenewlinestoaddinatTheLoopyEweinthecomingmonths

Sock Summit

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, August 7th, 2009 in Uncategorized

We’re in Portland! We arrived on Tuesday evening and got up early Wednesday morning to ….. run errands. Well, we couldn’t get in to start setting up our booth until 1 pm, so we went shopping instead. It seemed like a good use of our time.

Aug 6, 2009 008When we found our booth space, it was almost impossible to get into it because of all of the boxes of stuff that we shipped out there. We blocked the whole thing. (Which led me to believe that we would never fit it all in the booth, but I was proved wrong. We have those red tables full of re-stocking yarns and accessories underneath, but we did manage to fit it all in!) We spent 9 hours setting up on Wednesday and a few more hours today. Here is the finished booth (with Susan and Knitting Daughter posing.) Loopy Groupie Lou saw it and called it “Loopy Lite”. Lou has been at Loopy Central for Spring Fling shopping and she thought it was like we had taken that and recreated it in a miniature version. I think she’s right. It feels very “Loopy” to me, from the red carpet to the red and white shelves, to the socks and Loopy presiding over all!

Aug 6, 2009 009Last night the Marketplace was open for just two hours for students (people who were signed up to take classes) and teachers. It was crazy busy and the two hours were over in a blink. So far, the best part of being here has been meeting our awesome Loopy customers in person! It was like a family reunion at times, as we recognized so many names. The other fun part is seeing all of the famous sock designers in attendance. Nancy Bush, Charlene Schurch, Barbara Walker, Meg Swanson…. and a whole bunch more. And of course we always love connecting with Mary-Heather, Sarah, Casey and Jess from Ravelry.

Aug 6, 2009 012I wish I had time to take all of the classes. (I did joke with Claudia in Germany that the next time I ought to just bring Wollmeise, sell out the first day, and then take classes and play the rest of the time – ha!  And then I realize what I’m saying and wise up. I’d fear for my life with a booth full of Wollmeise.)

Today is a long day at the Marketplace. The shopping is open from 8:30 – 6:30 and we’re looking forward to meeting a whole bunch more of you. I’ll post again when I can.

For those of you waiting on orders, remember that when we do a sale like we’re doing this week, the orders can take an extra day or two to ship. (And the poor Elves we left behind are working like mad to keep up with them all.) Just know that it’s all in process!

Sheri headingoutforStarbuckstostarttheday

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