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Contest Winners and New Loopy Groupies

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 in Contest, Shop News

DSC03018We have new Loopy Groupies to celebrate! (Note – and a few announcements below.) Congratulations to these knitters & crocheters who most recently received their Loopy Groupie gifts: Amanda from ME, LaDonna from WV, Lindsey from OH, Dee from OK, Carol from WA, Vickie from VA, Kathy from PA, Robin from CA, Lois from CA, Jennifer from IL, Carol from IL, Judy from CA, Suzanne from CT, Kate from ID, Alexandra from IN, Melissa from VA, Brooke from CA, Mary from CT, Jackie from IA, Rebecca from VT, Melissa from SC, Stephanie from CO, Megan from VA, Kim from Canada, Genia from KS, Jerri from Kuwait, Angela from AK, Danielle from WA, Deb from CA, Sharon from MI, Sharon from PA, Tanya from WA, Aglore from CA, Lulynn from TX, Cassandra from OH, Amanda from VA, Valerie from MO, Myrna from IL, Linda from DE, Connie from MA, Donna from MI, Kathleen from NM, Shawna from CA, Roslyn from Canada, Amy from NY, Cindy from PA, Toni from CA, Carolina from NY, Barb from TX, Annette from NC, Gail from SD, Aimee from MS, Laura from NY, Jeanne from PA, Caryll from VA, Karen from AZ, Gail from CA, Fiorenzo from MA, Hannah from IL, Elaine from ME, Christine from WI, Kelly from VA, Jo from CA, Colleen from OK, Candra from PA, Stormy from MA, Erica from NY, Erica from NY, Susan from ME, Kristi from NC, Becky from SC, Neva from VA, Amanda from PA, Sarah from TX, Courtney from MO, Monique from CO, Elisabeth from MA, Ged from the United Kingdom, Maura from MI, Gretchen from KS, Susan from IL, Ann from VA, Amy from MA, Gail from OR, Amy from NJ, Laurie from CA, Victoria from MI, Nancy from GA, Mary Anne from MA, Anne-Mette from Denmark, Tabby from MO, Jennie from GA, Belle from NJ, Eileen from WA, Megan from CA, Laila from France, Elaine from CO, Sandy from NJ, Catherine from NC, Hannah from NM, Hillary from VA, Vicki from MI, Patti from OH, Melissa from AL, Renada from MN, Amy from NY, Jennifer from OH, Jaye from PA, Sophie from France, Nora from NJ, Susan from SD, Robyn from GA, Laurie from CA, Cathleen from VT, Andrea from GA, Victoria from WI, Lynne from D.C., Melissa from MD, Marcia from CA, Lisa from WI, Patricia from ME, Jamie from MO, Debra from FL, Rebecca from MO, Erin from NY, Terri from NJ, Melanie from MN, Katherine from CA, Linda from IL, Amy from OH, Susan from WA, Stephanie from CA, Kathy from CA, Kristin from VA, Natalie from OH, Kathy from MA, Nia from MI, Linda from FL, Jennifer from IL, Elizabeth from PA, Kristen from MD, Shelley from MN, Linda from IN, Kristen from NC, Nanette from NY, Hazel from GA, Kyle from MA, Nicole from PA, Deborah from NJ, Tia from CA, Andrea from Canada, Annette from MI, Janice from VA, Hokari from Japan, Didi from CA, Jennifer from CA, Brenda from VA, Sandra from MT, Colleen from WI, Jenae from KS, Nicole from WA, Kay from CA, Melissa from Canada, Judy from MA, Joanne from KS, Debbie from Canada, Lynn from WI, Brianna from MA, Mimi from VA, Nancy from MA, Joy from MO, Charlene from CA, Nancy from MA, Becky from GA, Sarah from MO, Marianna from WI, Sarah from MI, Reni from ID, Alexander from CA, Kristin from GA, Tracy from GA, Donalie from OR, Melina from Canada, Allison from CT, Anne-Marie from WA, Melissa from NC, Laura from NJ, Joan from Canada, Denise from VA, Ellen from NY, Gayle from CA, Deborah from AL, Vanessa from IL, Karen from WA, Christine from CA, Karen from IL, Cathy from MO, Gloria from WI, Sharon from OH, Samantha from MN, Christel from FL, Sarah from CA, Karen from NY, Debi from CA, Dawn from OH, Janice from NY, Sheila from NC, Sherry from PA, Marilyn from ND, Marianne from NH, Nancy from TX, Barbara from MA, Kelly from MO, Samantha from IL, Nuala from the UK, Audrey from Australia, Sara from MI, Shirley from MN, Karin from CA, Kathryn from TX, Lynda from VA, Yvonne from LA, Karen from CO, Selina from Germany, Carolyn from MN, Sarah from TX, Audrey from IL, Samantha from SC, Sarah from NC, Karen from NY, Elizabeth from D.C., Lori from CA, Cyndy from NE, Mary-Ruth from MA, Karen from ID, Elizabeth from CA, Dawn from Canada, Karen from NY, Martha from CT, Pamela from TX, Nadia from NJ, Kathy from IA, Ray from CA, Kathleen from MI, Linda from CT, Nikki from Australia, Roseann from VA, Cindy from MN, Stella from Canada, Judy from Australia, Yekaterina from NJ, Kimberley from OR, Lynne from D.C., Gail from NY, Mary from VA, Liz from IA, Vicki from IL, Melissa from TN, Beverly from ME, Amy from AZ, Susan from TX, Wendi from Canada, Andrea from GA, Dorien from CA, Linda from MI, Stephanie from TX, Pamela from SC, Jessica from OH, Becca from IL, Meredith from SC, Sheryl from VA, Meg from CA, Kelley from MA, Windy from D.C., Lynn from CA, Ivette from NJ, Leslie from FL, Julie from MI, Jennifer from PA, Dana from CA, Kelsey from NY, Betsy from NY, Barbara from TX, Jennifer from CA, Yvonne from IL, Megan from OH, Quanda from TX, Daniel from NE, Ariana from MA, Lisa from PA, Kristin from MN, Heather from MO, Patricia from CA, Abigail from WI, Rhonda from Canada, Katherine from WA, AJ from CA, Mary-Lou from NY, Michelle from Canada, Amanda from WI, Nancy from Canada, Beth from AL, Erica from NY, Julie from GA, Patsy from PA, Teresa from WA, Sarah from DE, Christine from D.C., Doris from FL, Sarah from SD, Karen from WA, Regina from NJ, Helen from CO, Julie from MA, Phyllis from WI, Joan from DE, Devi from WI, Melanie from OH, Ashley from VA, Elizabeth from TX, Katie from NY, Vinnie from NY, Ann from MA, Bonnie from VA, Leslie from CA, Kathryn from VA, Gudrun from MA, Rori from NM, Ro from GA, Nissa from CO, Janet from AL, Christine from TX, and Mary from KY. How do you become a Loopy Groupie? With your 6th package from us. (Although all of the multiple Wollmeise orders kind of screw things up in all of that. Never fear – we mark you Loopified when you get your bag, so we know if we still owe you one, even if you didn’t get it in the Wollmeise frenzy!  We’ll send it with your next order.)

Loopy’s Summer Vacation: The photos have been coming in all summer! Make sure that you get your photos uploaded by September 30th, and we’ll do voting on the results the first week in October.

Speaking of photos, the Girasole KAL is winding down on October 1st. Make sure to get your photos uploaded in the Girasole gallery  by Oct. 9th and we’ll do voting on those the week after that. (I also have a new KAL in mind, so watch for that soon!)

We have winners from last week’s blog contest about your lessons learned (and there were some doozy lessons.) We’ll be sending out Wollmeise prizes to Kathleen from NJ and Mariah from IA, and both have been emailed, just in case you’re wondering if it’s you. :-)  Congratulations to you both, and thanks to everyone for participating. We’ll have another contest for you in October.

Sheri areYOUaLoopyGroupieyet?We’rethankfulforeachoneofyou!

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