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Instantaneous Personal Magnetism

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, September 28th, 2009 in Shop News

DSC03037WH and I went antiquing this weekend, just for fun. We’ve been poking around in antique stores and flea markets since our dating days. (Do we sound fun, or what?) This weekend I was looking for different old containers to organize my scrapbooking area in the basement. I like the look of tins and bins and old wire baskets better than the perfection of something official looking that comes from an organizing catalog or company. (For that area, anyway.) While we were looking around in one shop, Paul pointed out this book, which cracked us up! If it wasn’t $22, I would’ve bought it just to see what they think gives a person “instantaneous personal magentism”. And don’t you love the lightening bolts around the title? Old books can be hilarious. I wonder if people will find our books dated and weird, 50-100 years from now?

DSC03038In addition to walking through some St. Louis shops, we also headed down to St. Genevieve, MO, which is about an hour south of here. It’s a quaint little town, full of old houses and shops in old buildings. This town was severely flooded over 10 years ago, as it’s close to the river. It seems to have weathered that ok, even though this main street had water about DSC03039halfway up the houses. Many of the buildings/houses have a plaque with the original owner’s name and the date it was built. I think the earliest one we saw was 1791. I can’t imagine a house with dust that old in between the floorbeams. I found this little bench nook along the main street, which seemed like a perfect spot for a bit of knitting, but I didn’t try it out.

DSC03040There is a large antique mall about 10 miles beyond this town, which we had never checked out. In all of my years of going through places like this, there is one thing that I have never found. Strawberry glasses. In particular, this pattern. These are from my grandparents and they were the everyday “good” glasses. (As opposed to the everyday “use them for just the two of us for lunch” glasses, and the fancy “everyone is coming to dinner and we’re eating in the dining room with china” really good glasses.) The strawberry glasses were brought out to use at lunch when the kids and I visited them and shared lunch in the kitchen. I have two or three of them and never use them. I keep looking for them to see if I can add to my supply. There are a bucketload of glasses from this era, with red/green/white designs, but I have never found this exact one. I’ll keep looking.

Fun Sneak Up today - we added in a re-stock of Loopy Legends, more Fiesta Boomerang and Fiesta Ballet, and a NEW Fiesta Baby Boom (with a bit of nylon added to the mix for durability, as well as now coming in large skeins that will do 1 pair of socks, AND at a new, lower price!). We were also able to get big skeins of Hand Maiden Sea Silk again. We can only get these when their mill mistakenly sends them 150g skeins instead of the usual 100g skeins. I know how much you love these bigger skeins, so I always hop on it when they have it available. The big skeins come with 600m (656 yds), and the regular Sea Silk has 400m (436 yds). We have it in 21 colors, while supplies last (meaning until their mill messes up again and sends them more. It usually happens about once every 12-18 months, it seems.) Last but not least, we added in new patterns from Kirsten at Through the Loops – socks, hats and shawls. Fun new designs!

I loved reading your Knitting Survival Kit comments from Friday’s blog. Now I just need to make mine up and keep it handy. 

Sheri thinkingmaybeIoughttocollectoldbookswithweirdtitles

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