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Yarn Donations and New Things Up!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, September 21st, 2009 in Shop News

DSC03017Thank you for all of the links and ideas you gave for excess yarn, in Friday’s comments.

(Wait. I’m not sure “excess yarn” is even a phrase that ought to be uttered. Is there any such thing? I think not. Let’s call it “stash overflow.”  

Wait. Is there such a thing as an overflow of stash? That’s probably not a good phrase, either. Let’s call it “yarn I’d like to pass on to a good cause.”  Yeah. I can live with that.)

So thank you for all of the links for recipients of yarn that we want to pass on to a good cause. I didn’t make it through my stash this weekend, but it’s on my list. I DID make it through my closet this weekend and the whole household thanks me. Or maybe it’s Goodwill that thanks me. I just know that I can actually get into the closet again, and that’s a good thing.

We just did our Monday Night Re-stock – did you catch it?  You might’ve caught some of The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga on there for a minute. (ahem). We also put up Shibui Sock and Silk Cloud, Jojoland, Dream in Color Classy and Smooshy (including Classy Flame Season – that limited edition colorway you’ve been waiting for), Fiesta Boomerang and Ballet, and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select.

I haven’t knit in a week. I guess there have just been too many other things going on. I have 3 socks that only have about 2″ left to knit, and I have those two shawls that I’m really motivated to cast on. Yarn caked and everything. I hope that I can come up with some time this week to work on these things. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without knitting? (Actually, mine would be 24 years. From age 16 to age 40. That was a long dry spell….)

Sheri gladthatIgotbackintoitafterallthoseyears

Holy Cow Moments

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, September 18th, 2009 in Shop News

DSC02913Here’s a “Holy Cow” moment – the UPS guy backed up (and up and up and up) to our building. The trouble is, my window is right there. Right behind his truck. I was pretty sure he was going to come right through it. (And the kicker is that he wasn’t even dropping stuff off for us, so I couldn’t “Holy Cow” him when he came in.) He did get out of his truck and walk around to the back to check out how close he was. (CLOSE. About 6″ to spare, which is only possible because he backed up at a slant, which made the corner move in closer than it normally would. Crazy UPS guy.)

Also Holy Cow:

- The Loopy Ewe Facebook Page. Over 1000 of you have joined already. We like that!

(Note – a few of you have emailed to ask if we have a group on Ravelry. Yes, we do. If you go to the group tab and type “Loopy Groupies” or “The Loopy Ewe” into the search engine, it will bring up the group. That’s another Holy Cow, as there are 3000+ of you in that group!)

- It’s Friday. Where did this week go? (Not that I’m complaining.)

- My closet. Boy, do I need to clean that out. That’s on my schedule for tomorrow.

- The yarn stash. Ditto. I have thought it through and now I’m ready to go to work on it. 

DSC02889After our recent discussions on yarn stash, I’ve had several of you email and ask for names of places that could use donated yarn. If you know of a worthy cause that will make good use of good yarn, please let us know in the comments below. There are quite a few people who would like to donate somewhere, myself included.

Had any Holy Cow moments this week? (Want your own cow photo? I downloaded this courtesy of  The Pioneer Woman’s site. and she very graciously shares it for others to have. I use it as a screensaver here at Loopy Central because they make me smile every morning when I turn the computer on.)

Sheri hopingforapeacefulweekendwithnoholycows

Under Construction, Lessons Learned, and a CONTEST

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 in Uncategorized

DSC03014I’ve learned some things this week. That’s always a good thing, right? I’m trying to be on top of the techno-stuff, because I think it’s important. Consequently, we’ve had some construction going on (inside and out, as it turns out). Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. A “Group” and a “Page” are different on Facebook. Our “Fans of The Loopy Ewe” that I told you about earlier this week, is a Group. Web Guy pointed out that I should have an official “The Loopy Ewe” Page on Facebook, because “we can do more with it”. So as of this morning, we now have an official Loopy Ewe Page! This Page will be good for me to talk to you and for you to talk back to me. This is the place where I will do the postings about things going on at Loopy Central. (Sneak Up Previews, knitting woes and wonders, and anything else going on in the shop.  I’ll do an occasional contest there, too.) You do have to click and become a fan of the page if you want the updates to show up, even if you’re already a member of the other group that I mentioned the other day. I’ve already added in some news about recent arrivals! (My own Facebook page has a little Loopy stuff and a lot of regular life stuff. Feel free to friend me on there if you’re interested in that, too!)

What I learned: Talk to Web Guy first before jumping into something….

DSC030152.  You can hide things on your Facebook homepage. (My friend Janice showed me that last weekend.) It’s not that I’m not interested in your Bejeweled Blitz level or what color M&M you are, but all of those apps do take up a lot of space on that page. Now I’ve closed the apps and I get to actually read about YOU and your status messages. I like that!

What I learned: I really know so little about Facebook.

3.  Twitter continues to be a big thing. I don’t really get it, but I get that other people get it and like it. Therefore, we’re linking The Loopy Ewe Facebook page to our Loopy Ewe Twitter account. (Remember, I said I’m trying to stay on top of the important techno stuff.) If you like getting status updates via Twitter, feel free to add us to your Twitter list.

What I learned: Twitter is important to many people. Maybe I’ll eventually get it. But we’ll be on there for those of you who like it.

DSC030164. While we’ve been busy making these technology changes inside Loopy, the street crew has been busy making changes on the street outside our building. (Remember this summer when they cut through our phone lines? Yep. It’s still the same project going on out there.) Now they are breaking up the entire street. With this. And I swear, they drill down several feet, then they bring the jackhammer head up, move it over 6 tiny inches, and repeat. Consequently, it took them the entire day yesterday to do about half a block. Our brick building shakes like we’re having earthquake tremors.

What I learned: Jackhammers give me a headache.

(Edit – for those who were concerned: I will continue to blog regularly and participate in the Loopy Groupies on Ravelry – no worries!  Facebook and Twitter are additions, not substitutions. I promise.)

This month’s contest question: What’s one lesson you have learned lately? Leave your comment below and I’ll draw the winners next Wednesday. I saved some Wollmeise for the prize!

Sheri nowtiredfromallofthistechnology.Imayneedanap.

Home from Chicago!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, September 14th, 2009 in Uncategorized

chicagocorner_flowers_lorezWe had a fun weekend in Chicago! We met our favorite friends Steve and Janice for the weekend, so that Janice and I could go to Stitches Midwest to celebrate my hubby’s birthday on Sunday. I love Chicago. I spent my first two years in college in the Chicago area and there is lots to do and see. We decided that we don’t travel up there often enough, so we’ll be back! Here are a few photos from the weekend.

On the way up, we stopped at an antique store somewhere in IL. This was the statue out front. (??) He was about 3 stories tall and … eating an ice cream cone. I still don’t understand it.  Maybe I’m not supposed to. I found a nice shelf (formerly a drying rack of some sort) for my office. I’m running out of places to put yarn samples in here.


Up in Schaumberg, we stayed in a hotel that just happened to be near the Ikea store. (And I love Ikea!) In fact, this picture was taken out our hotel window. I zoomed in a little, but not much. I was happy to be so close. We made that our first stop of the evening, followed by dinner at Big Bowl. Yum.


On Saturday, Janice and I headed over to the Convention Center to shop at the Stitches Marketplace. Lots of booths, lots of yarn, and lots of fun people to see. I didn’t buy a single skein of yarn, but I did find two cool baskets and a sweater patttern.


While we were shopping, the guys were spending the day downtown. It was gorgeous weather. If you click on the Cloud Gate photo here to make it bigger, you’ll see Paul and Steve taking pictures of themselves in the reflection. :-) They were having so much fun downtown that Janice and I beat them back to the hotel and got in a couple of hours of knitting before they showed up to take us out to dinner.




Sunday was Paul’s birthday and we celebrated by going out for a great breakfast at Richard Walker’s Pancake House. I wish we had those in St. Louis.


After telling Steve and Janice goodbye, we headed over to the Renegade Craft Fair and scouted out the fun items for sale. There were over 300 vendors and it definitely wasn’t your typical craft fair. Lots of unique things.


Today we’ve been busy getting out your weekend orders, unpacking a ton of boxes that UPS and the mailman brought, and getting things set for the update tonight. (Check out what just went up. New colors of Mini Mochi, a new cool yarn that I love – Panguipulli – from Araucania, Wendy’s shawl patterns, and more.) Later this week I’m doing a big Cascade restock, so if you’ve been waiting on some colors to return, they’re coming.

Lastly, come join our “Fans of The Loopy Ewe” group on Facebook. I’ll keep you updated there on things as they arrive, and we’ll have some fun Facebook contests as we go along.

Sheri didyoudoanythingfunthisweekend?

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