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Happy New Year to You!

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 in Uncategorized

2010The year has just about come to a close. Did you get everything done that you intended to do in 2009? How about those resolutions you made back in January – completed? (Or have you given up on resolutions completely?) I went back to my last blog of 2008, to see how I had done on mine. (I figured I had blogged it. I was right.)

The quick synopsis is: I completely avoided lima beans and creamed corn in 2009.  I did frog several UFO’s, and I finished several as well.  I spent more time keeping up with friends and found a better balance at work. I bought more knitting bags. I did make some progress on the back room in the basement, I stayed on top of my Christmas knitting list and I’m positive that I continued to bug my two kids on a regular basis. I may or may not have exercised more, eaten more vegetables and knitted all of the yarns that I wanted to get to. I also may or may not have worried less, but I’m sure I prayed more. And I didn’t do as many RAKS throughout the year as I wanted to.

I’m thinking about what I want on my 2010 list. I like having three sections – the completely do-able (buy more knitting bags, and significantly increase my stash in case of future economic woes), as well as the challenging (increase the number of days a week that I exercise and learn to cook with more vegetables), and the nearly impossible (give up knitting and learn to play the bagpipes instead). It keeps things interesting. And no, I’m not doing the last thing. That’s why it’s on the “impossible” list. That’s an easy list to make. Actually, the completely do-able list is also very easy to make. It’s that darned challenging list in the middle….

So do you have a “completely do-able” or a “challenging” or a “nearly impossible” resolution that you’d like to share for 2010?

Sheri lookingforwardtosharing2010withallofyou!

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