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Forecast: Buried

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 in Uncategorized

winterWednesday Forecast: Snow. 5-6″, starting at dinnertime. Single digits, with windchills below zero. We’re going to get buried here in the Midwest. (Well – “buried” is relative. It’s considered buried for us.) I’m ready. I love snow. It does help that I’m only 3 blocks from Loopy and have few other places to go in this weather.

Thursday Forecast: Continued snow and cold temperatures. Many school closings already in the works. Loopy Elves are quickly pointing out that they may not be able to make it in to work. College Daughter may need to Elf tomorrow. Orders may take an extra day to get out, due to anticipated Elf Shortage.

Friday Forecast: Sunny, highs in the mid 70′s. A delightful day. (Granted, this is in California, not St. Louis. Seems like a really good time for me to be heading out to our twice-a-year TNNA Market, doesn’t it?)

Saturday/Sunday Forecast: Continued sunny and warm. Much yarn buying going on. Many decisions to make. Not much knitting going on.

Monday Forecast: Continued sunny and warm, turning to freezing and cold as the plane leaves CA and gets back to St. Louis on Monday night. No Sneak Up, no blog, but we’ll be sure to have new things up for you on Tuesday, and a blog full of TNNA info on Wednesday.

Or ….. this may all be a hoax. Sometimes the grocery stores bribe the weather people to make these things up. That way, there is a run on bread and milk, but then nothing ever happens. We’ll see. (And as a knitter, I’m much more concerned about whether or not I have enough projects to last me through the storm – the heck with the bread and milk.)

Sheri what’stheforecastinyourneckofthewoods?

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