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Sheep Tags

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 in Sheri's Favorite Indie Artisans

DSC03379Loopy has some new jewelry. If you’ve been to Loopy Central in person, you know that we have this stuffed Loopy who stands on top of one of the shelves to greet you when you come in. (In his former life, he was a loved-on sheep in a kindergarten classroom. We think he likes it better here.) He has been wearing last years Spring Fling nametag for awhile now, but when I saw these tags, I knew he needed his own. It arrived yesterday, and he looks very proud to be wearing it, doesn’t he? ┬áBut I have a dilemma. DSC03377The fun thing about these tags is that you can have the back personalized, too. So the back of Loopy’s tag says “King of the Shop”. (And he is.) So the question is, which side should show – Loopy, or King of the Shop? (We won’t open up that whole “Wait, if it’s The Loopy Ewe, then shouldn’t Loopy be a SHE?” debate again. Been there, done that. Loopy is a he. Sometimes things just work differently in DSC03381our yarn world.) So let me know what you think about the tag. And then go take a look at their blog, because the dog featured today has the perfect tagline on his tag.

Of course, who’s to say that these tags have to be for animals? Maybe your knitting bag needs a tag, declaring you the “World’s Fastest Knitter”. (Or at least the fastest knitter in YOUR world). Or “Loopy’s #1 Fan”. :-) Or someone who “Insulates with Wool”, or … well, you get the idea. Cute tags, nice people running the business, quick shipping, and they made Loopy look even more handsome this week. I like that combination.

Sheri movingshelvesatLoopytoday

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