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A Dusting

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 in Finished Socks

DSC03413Ok, so I stand corrected. We did get a LITTLE bit of snow the other day, when I was bemoaning the fact that the meteorologists are always wrong. Here’s the same shot, with a bit more snow. But notice that you can still see the tops of the grass peeking through, so it’s nowhere near the 3-6″ they predicted. And thank you to everyone who offered to send me some of their piles of snow. Unfortunately, none of you followed through and actually sent it, so we’re still low on snow in St. Louis. Or maybe it’s still enroute from your snow-covered house to mine.

DSC03415Here’s a new sock, just off the needles. I really like knitting with Alchemy Juniper (this one in Aubergine). Great twist, great feel, beautiful color options, and comfortable socks. I’ll bet it knits up into gorgeous shawls, too.

The pattern came from Carol’s book, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. I originally bought the book for two reasons – because Carol is a friend of mine, and because another friend stopped by Loopy one day with a sock out of this pattern and I fell in love with the way it looked. (So really, I intended to buy the book, but James’ sock made me go back to my computer and order it right then and there.) The pattern is Braided Gem Socks by Elizabeth Ravenwood. I’ll definitely knit this one again, as well as a few other patterns in that book. (Ok – first I’ll knit the matching sock for this one, and then I’ll use the pattern again.)

I still haven’t started my sweater for the KAL yet. There’s a reason for that. I had settled on a vest pattern and then another good sweater pattern came along. (Note to self: STOP LOOKING!) Now I think I’m back to doing a sweater and will do the vest next time. I’ll decide soon soon-ish.

Sheri stillhaveabout4sockson-the-needles.

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