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Make a Pair, or Start New?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, February 22nd, 2010 in Finished Socks, Shop News

DSC03450Remember when I showed you that pretty Alchemy Juniper sock last week, knit up with a fun pattern out of Carol’s book (which I love)? At that point, I could’ve cast on the second sock and been done with a pair, OR I could’ve started a brand new sock with another line of yarn. Knowing me (as you do), which option do you think I chose? Right. I started a whole new sock. The result is this Madelinetosh Sock out of Plum Tree, which is one of the colors that I immediately pulled for my own stash when this shipment came in a couple of weeks ago. And because I needed a no-brainer pattern so that I could knit and watch the Olympics at the same time, I used that same Braided Gem pattern that I had used on the Alchemy. (See? I told I could’ve had the pair done. Single Socks are a choice, and I’m glad to make them.) I love how the colorway stripes – bigger stripes on the foot, where half of the sock is plain stockinette, and smaller stripes up the cuff, where the pattern goes all the way around. So fun.

DSC03181pbWe added new things to the site tonight – come take a look!  We put up:

Huckleberry Knits Willow (the BFL base. This is the colorway/line that I went on the hunt for at Sock Summit!  Here’s the sock that I knit with the Mercado colorway)
Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Sea Sock (one of my very favorite yarn bases from them. So luscious!)
Numma Numma Toasty (Allen sent us a big order with all of our favorite colors)
Perchance to Knit (restocked the Midnight Rainbow/Harlot’s Peacock in small and large skeins)
Soak in the new “Unleash” scent (celebrating Ravlery)
Shibui Sock (re-stock)
Through the Loops patterns (new and re-stocked)

We’re already working on things for next week. I’m happy that one of the new accessory lines that I ordered at TNNA has arrived. You’ll love it. We’ll get it photo-ed and up for you next Monday.

I did my monthly “80+ lbs. of chocolate kisses” shopping at Sams today, and had no less than 9 people make comments about it as I wheeled the cart by them. Surely I’m not the only person at Sams who buys 24 of the 56 oz. packages of Hershey’s kisses at a time, right? FPS. I know there are a bunch of chocolate lovers out there.

Sheri happytosayIdon’teatanyofthem.BecauseifIeatONE,IhavetohaveTEN.

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