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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Loopy Central

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 in Sheri's Top Tens

Remember my post about walking to work? (Yes, I’m still walking. People keep asking. I guess that’s good for accountability.) Someone in the comments that day said that it’s too bad we don’t have a shower at Loopy Central, for the days when it’s hot and humid when walking to work. That made me realize that there are probably a few ten things you don’t know about Loopy. Like:

1. We do indeed have a shower here. The shower stall now looks like this. It’s filled with shelves that WH built, as a place to keep a few extra shipping boxes. (This space used to be some kind of doctor’s office and I guess they needed a shower.) So we have one – but it’s not usable.


2. This wall is paper thin. I was standing there contemplating Cascade 220 colors one day, and could clearly hear one side of a phone conversation from the office next door. Too bad it’s not a stock company, or I might be able to provide some interesting stock tips. It’s a real estate company.


3. The extra chocolate kisses are kept in the bottom of this cabinet.


4. We have one live plant here at Loopy, and we named it “Fern”. It’s not a fern, but we call it Fern.


5. This is the most useless area in the whole shop. This part of Loopy Central used to be a real estate office, and this was the lobby. It doesn’t really work to keep inventory here, so we just made it look interesting.


6. We have a little elf who guards the shop 24/7. We don’t fully trust the sleepwalkers in the sleep clinic across the hall. Strange things have been known to happen at 3 am.


7. ¬†Our favorite circular rack was a cast-off from Linen’s & Things when they went out of business. Susan found it for sale one night and WH drove up there to buy it and bring it back to Loopy, 10 minutes later. Then he made the cool plastic dividers for it.


8. We have a back (indoor) entrance. We never use it. But if we ever want to close up and leave early, we can stack the outgoing boxes here. If we don’t answer the doorbell, our mailperson knows to come around to this alcove to collect the day’s batch of boxes.


9. We have a visiting shop dog. Although Loopy is clearly a cat person (he loves Zoe and Gracie, who come to visit on occasion), he’s also partial to Buddy. Buddy comes to work with one of the guys down the hall. If Buddy is in the hall when our door happens to be open, he dashes in here to say hi. I think it’s because we give him so much attention while he’s here. Smart boy. (And the photo is a little blurry because Buddy never stands still while he’s in here. Never.)


10. When things get crazy, sometimes we just jump into the coffee cups, head first. It seems to help.


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