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Need Accountability? Write it Down.

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 in Uncategorized

Several of you have asked if I’m still walking to work. (Seriously – put something out there and the whole world keeps you accountable. Try it.) I am still walking. This morning it was in the 60′s on the way in, and it will be in the 70′s on the way home. It makes me think that I’m not going to be too fond of walking when it gets hot. At all. I will have to overcome that. I photo-ed my way home the other afternoon, just for something to do. Plus, it freaks people out when they see you pull out a camera and aim it in the direction of their car.

This is the safest part. I appreciate this concrete barrier. It protects cars from careening off the road and plunging down into the creek next to our building.


Here’s the creek and that’s our building beyond the trees on the right. This little creek is the one that can cause trouble if it rains too much and we get flash flooding. Remember these photos? Yep. All that from this little creek. I think it happens about once every five years or so.


This part isn’t any safer on the way home. If I don’t leave here by 4:30, it gets even busier. It’s a good incentive to get home at a good time. If I come back here at night, I drive.


I was walking along here the other night, thinking “Whew – now I’m on the safe sidewalk”, when I noticed tire tracks in the grass where someone had driven up over the curb. So …. maybe not. Oprah’s No Phone Zone campaign sounds better and better to me.


Our neighborhood feels like a little oasis when I turn up on this street. The noise level goes from “I can’t hear myself think” to “I could hear a pin drop”. At least at that time in the afternoon.


Of course the fun part is having someone waiting for you when you get home. (Note to self – time to do the spring window cleaning.)


Or two someones. WH works later than I do, and both kids are off in their own places. At least the cats are happy to see me!


So is there anything you need to be held accountable for? Are you willing to put it in writing?  No doubt someone will ask you about it in a week or two, if you do….

Sheri mightneedtocleanthatLoopyshoweroutforthesummer

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