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SunSnowSun and a CONTEST!

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Friday, March 19th, 2010 in Contest

DSC03580We (St. Louis) can’t seem to make up our minds. Today it’s going to be in the 70′s and Sunday it is supposed to snow. We’re usually more undecided in the Fall, when we have cool temps and then a 3 week spell of HOT again. Once things start to warm up in the Spring, we’re mostly committed to seeing it through. There are exceptions to that, but not many. Elf Lori went to that awesome bakery by her house and brought in Spring Cupcakes today. My favorite part might just be the individual cupcake holder. :-)

Spring Break is coming soon! Knitting Daughter is off starting in a week and running through Easter. I can’t wait. But you know who likes Spring Break the most? Teachers. As a former teacher, I can tell you that we liked breaks even more than the students. I was always happy to come back afterwards and see them again, but I really looked forward to the time off, too.

DSC02816This month’s blog question is about teachers. Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school? (And you can share why if you’d like, but you don’t have to.) My favorite teacher was Mrs. Zimmerman. She taught 3rd grade at Elijah Buell Elementary School in Clinton, Iowa. She was one of those teachers who seemed to zero in on what made a student tick, and made everyone feel important in her classroom. I liked most all of my teachers, but she stands out as my favorite. (My least favorite was not a classroom teacher, but my harp teacher. I took lessons from Sister Augusta at a Catholic college in our town. She was a tiny little thing, but she was good at whacking my hands with a ruler when they weren’t exactly where they were supposed to be on the strings. I don’t think she’d get away with methods like that nowadays!) How about you? Do you have a favorite teacher that stands out among all the others? Leave a comment about him/her and I’ll randomly draw winners next Friday for Wollmeise (because that seems to be your favorite blog contest prize, and I can certainly understand why!)

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Spring, Finally!

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 in Uncategorized

Signs that Spring has arrived here in St. Louis. My daffodils are almost ready to pop out.


And my hyacinths are just easing up into the world.


The pretty light, bright yarn colors are looking appealing.


And of course the roadwork outside of our building has started back in again. (This must be a terminally “broken” road, for all the time it is taking.)


Is it Spring where you live? How do you know?

Sheri andaHappySt.Patrick’sDaytoallofyou!


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Monday, March 15th, 2010 in Shop News

zzzmbtwist_closeupWhat in the heck is FPS? It stands for “For Pete’s Sake!” And the exclamation point is important. I made that up about three years ago. I left Office Manager Susan a note about something we had to do (that we weren’t happy about) and I put an FPS at the bottom of it. After awhile, she finally said, “Ok, I’ve been trying to figure this out for 15 minutes. What does FPS stand for??” Since then, it has been a commonly used phrase here at The Loopy Ewe, although most days are not FPS days and you won’t hear any part of that acronym uttered. But today? Today was an FPS day.

FPS 1. How difficult is it to cut cardstock in half twice, to equal four cards the same size? And why is it that every time I take the Needle Inventory Cards in to Office Max for printing, they have to re-do them at least once? Time to find a new printing solution.

FPS 2. How did both Susan and Elf Sue manage to take the same week off for Spring Break? Yikes. Thank goodness for Karen, Lori, Anna and Mary today. We may have needed Vicki and Donna in here today, too, but they were off playing. I’m sure.

FPS 3. Daylight Savings Time. And being an hour behind all day. Enough said.

FPS 4. I walked to Starbucks before walking to work today. It adds in an extra 1500 steps. I was hoping that by some miracle those few blocks would add 7000 steps so that I’d get all 10,000 in for the day. Wishful thinking much?

FPS 5. Desk is piled high. Too much else to do today. (See FPS #2.)

But the GOOD news is that we have some fun things just up on the website tonight for the Update. That’s a cure for all of the FPS’s of my day. We added in:

Malabrigo Twist (and a few sock and worsted re-stocks). You’ve been asking for this worsted weight base, and we have it in all of the colors. See that yarn photo closeup, above? That’s Twist. We DO have more on order. When I was at TNNA in January, I asked Tobias why our orders were taking so long. He said, “Well the thing is, you order SO MUCH at a time ….”  So just know that it’s always on order and always in process around here.

uy_purpleUniversal Yarn Cotton Supreme (that soft, wonderful cotton yarn that I couldn’t keep my hands off of at market. Love it. And I love the Cotton Kids pattern book that we also brought in with it. Now I just need someone’s baby to knit for.) See this purple photo? Click on it and make it bigger. That’s it. And we have it in 25 colors.

Lorna’s Laces (big re-stock of Sock and Sport, including their new colors: Avondale, Calumet, Catalpa, Humboldt and Pullman. Also, Zombie BBQ in Sport.)

Namaste Circular Needle Cases (in Lime, Black, Eggplant, Peacock, Hollywood Pink and Red. Classy looking and great for your favorite sets of needles.)

Sock Club and Kit Patterns from the past (I know, I got behind on adding these in. I promise to do better this year. The good news is that you get lots of new choices all at once!  The patterns from this month’s sock club will be available for sale in September. We’ll stick to a 6 month schedule now.)

I just noticed that I listed five FPS’s and five fun things just up on the website. I guess it all balances out. :-)

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What Happens When You Order?

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Friday, March 12th, 2010 in Shop News

Several of you have asked us to do a post showing the progression of orders here at The Loopy Ewe, so today, Loopy is going to follow one order from start to finish and show you what happens to your order, once you hit the “place order” button!

We come in first thing in the morning and print the orders out. Then I write on them and check out the fun things that you ordered.  :-)


The stack of orders goes out to the main packing area and gets put into the order tray.


Next we add one order (and order giftie) to each of the bins on our rolling cart. We have two rolling carts like this and we just keep re-filling them all day long until the orders are done.


Here are the red bins full of the different gifties that go into your orders, depending on which order number this is for you.


Once the rolling cart has been filled, it gets pulled back over to the wrapping counters.


And then we package up each of your orders.


Next, your order gets put into a box. We tape both ends of the boxes now because the adhesive that the post office uses is worthless. It used to work. Now it doesn’t. And we sure don’t want the flaps opening up and your yarn getting dumped somewhere enroute. (Loopy doesn’t get to use the tape dispenser, for obvious reasons.)


The box gets weighed and we write your last name, your order number, and the weight on the outside of the box.


We enter that into the computer and it processes the shipping label to go on your box.


Then the boxes are wheeled to the front lobby area to wait for the mailman to appear and take them on their way to your house.


If you’re lucky, the box goes directly from our front lobby to your mailbox. If the postal service is up to some tricks, they might send your box from one end of this country to the other, and THEN deliver it to your mailbox. FPS. We do love packing up your orders and sending them off to you every day!

Sheri coldandcloudyheretoday,whathappenedtooursunnyweather?

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