SunSnowSun and a CONTEST!

DSC03580We (St. Louis) can’t seem to make up our minds. Today it’s going to be in the 70′s and Sunday it is supposed to snow. We’re usually more undecided in the Fall, when we have cool temps and then a 3 week spell of HOT again. Once things start to warm up in the Spring, we’re mostly committed to seeing it through. There are exceptions to that, but not many. Elf Lori went to that awesome bakery by her house and brought in Spring Cupcakes today. My favorite part might just be the individual cupcake holder. :-)

Spring Break is coming soon! Knitting Daughter is off starting in a week and running through Easter. I can’t wait. But you know who likes Spring Break the most? Teachers. As a former teacher, I can tell you that we liked breaks even more than the students. I was always happy to come back afterwards and see them again, but I really looked forward to the time off, too.

DSC02816This month’s blog question is about teachers. Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school? (And you can share why if you’d like, but you don’t have to.) My favorite teacher was Mrs. Zimmerman. She taught 3rd grade at Elijah Buell Elementary School in Clinton, Iowa. She was one of those teachers who seemed to zero in on what made a student tick, and made everyone feel important in her classroom. I liked most all of my teachers, but she stands out as my favorite. (My least favorite was not a classroom teacher, but my harp teacher. I took lessons from Sister Augusta at a Catholic college in our town. She was a tiny little thing, but she was good at whacking my hands with a ruler when they weren’t exactly where they were supposed to be on the strings. I don’t think she’d get away with methods like that nowadays!) How about you? Do you have a favorite teacher that stands out among all the others? Leave a comment about him/her and I’ll randomly draw winners next Friday for Wollmeise (because that seems to be your favorite blog contest prize, and I can certainly understand why!)

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  1. My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Sobol. She read us the Good Earth, and instilled in me a love for reading.

  2. My favorite teacher was Mr. Nowotony in 7th grade. He talked to me and listened like I really had something to say. I wasn’t just a kid. He had an interesting way of teaching history in story form so that it wasn’t just facts and dates.

  3. My favorite teacher was Miss Jacobs. She taught my first and second grade class. She never raised her voice. When the class started getting noisy, she would begin to speak quietly. We all wanted to hear what she had to say, so it became necessary for us to quiet down to hear her. What a clever teacher!

  4. My favorite teacher was my piano teacher – Mary Baker. She was always positive even when I struggled to make my fingers perform in a smooooooth way.

  5. I was fortunate to have many good teachers while I was in school, but there was one very special teacher who stands out as my favorite. His name was Mr. Carl Gualiardo. He was my 4th grade homeroom teacher who taught English and Reading. He also made learning both challenging and fun. Sadly, he passed away in the early 80s after suffering from a multitude of health problems. I’m pretty sure his death was AIDS related, but it happened just when the medical world was starting to discover a pattern in the early deaths of gay men and he had many of the later-known symptoms. Knowing him and loving him as a teacher inspired me to be an advocate for gay rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.

  6. My favourite teacher was/is Mr. Hansen. He started teaching me to play the piano when I was 7 years old. I went back to him for lessons when I was 34 and we picked up where we left off. He’s always kind, patient and is a great appreciater of knitted gifts!

  7. Mrs Pearl…Home Ec…not only did she teach me to cook and sew, things I love to do…she taught me how to change a tire on a car which came in very handy a couple of time.

  8. my favorite teacher was Mrs Turbyfill in kindergarten. We had so much fun in class! Finger painting and marching around the room for music. nap time on our little rug. She was such a kind person and you knew that she cared about you. Her presence in my life was like healing balm to my often broken spirit. God bless her and I miss her.

  9. I had so many fabulous teachers, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But Mrs. Kathryn Lohr, second grade, did the most to open my eyes to possibilities and a world beyond my own. She introduced us to Tschaikowsky, we memorized Luke Chapter 2 from the Bible, built a bird sanctuary and had our own chapter of the Audubon Bird Society. She was the first to tell my parents, “This girl MUST go to college.” Thanks, Mrs. Lohr.

  10. Considering I work as a sort of advisor for teacher licensure students, I loved this thread! And I even think I worked with Maria’s Mr. Jeffcott when he supervised for our program…the quote sounds just like the guy I know! :)
    Personally, it’s just too hard to pick one or even three. My first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Shirley, instilled confidence in my ability to do anything I set my mind to…and I thoroughly enjoyed spotting her on “Wheel of Fortune” years later. Mrs. Brazitis, Mr. Peacock, and Mr. Zancanella in later elementary all hold special places in my heart. Mr. Newt Green in high school had an amazing knack for picking just the right literature to interest me and was always so fun in every class I had with him. I’m an expert note-taker because of him. Dr. Rich Morrocco fueled my love of psychology in college.
    As for knitting, my teacher was Dr. Pat Rounds, who I also worked with. I think lots of people would list her among their favorite teachers at all levels. I list her as one of my favorite friends and my greatest knitting enabler/influencer!

  11. I have had several favorite teachers, but right now I have an AWESOME college prof: Miguel Corrigan. He’s my prof for Intro. to Business at my local community college, and I love him to death! He’s very funny, is constantly making us defend our statements and playing devil’s advocate, but at the same time, he’s a real softie at heart! He’s a good teacher, and he’s tough but fair. He’s just plain awesome! LOL (oh yeah, and he needs a hat! *g*)

    From highschool, my favorite teacher was Mr. Harmon, my chemistry teacher. Very like Prof. Corrigan, but different, of course! I never liked science much until I took his classes! (HomeSat classes)

  12. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rice. She was so much FUN and I wanted to be just like her. I became a teacher because of her.

  13. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Dorwart, who taught 5th grade. Every Friday afternoon, Mrs. Dorwart led the entire class in learning how to do crewel work. Even the boys learned and we all loved it. She taught us basic stitches on burlap because we could use the loose weave as a guide. We learned all kinds of stitches – chain stitch, couching, French knots, back stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, bargello stitches and so forth. It’s what set me on my road to learning needlepoint, bargello, knitting, sewing, applique, quilting, weaving and spinning. Least favorite was an 11th grade English teacher who shall go nameless. She was mean-spirited and rude. She embarrassed her students publicly and was condescending in her comments. Even bright students disliked her. She seemed to feel her mission in life was to knock students down several pegs. Very unfortunate.

  14. A favorite teacher was the one who started out as my elementary school PE teacher, then went back to school for her master’s and was director of the middle school when I was there. She had great compassion.

  15. Has to be Mr. LaRoche. He started out teaching me sophomore year of high school for English. I then joined the Newspaper due to my interest. He did his best to encourage me during the difficult high school years.

  16. Mrs. Richmond, English 8th grade. A real lady who thought I could do anything I set my mind to. My mother kept telling me “I wasn’t as smart as my two brothers, but that was ok”. Mrs Richmond told me I was and encouraged me. She is alive and 99 years old, and going strong.

  17. I loved my first-grade teacher. Doesn’t everyone? But the teacher I remember the most was my third-grade teacher. Maybe because she read The Bobbsey Twins to us every day and I remember that clearly!

  18. My favorite teacher was Mr. Soper. 6th grade. He taught us what we needed to know but it was wild and wooly in his class – we got away with so many things. I baby sat his kids quite a lot on the weekends and loved it when he had had a few too many drinks and gave me very generous tips!

  19. My favorite teacher was Mr. Gariss who was my German teacher for 3 years. Great after school club and field trips to New York city to enjoy german food and movies.

  20. I had 2 favorite teachers – Mrs. White was my 6th grade teacher. Her husband made surf boards. This was about 1971. She taught us that health was important and that we mattered as people. My other favorite was my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Hassen. He made sure we understood what he taught and cared about each student.

  21. i have been fortunate to have many good teachers – Mr Therrien comes to mind first. High school chemistry teacher, speech team coach, huge supporter of the music and drama program and much more than just a teacher, but a friend, to many including myself.

  22. My favorite teacher was Mr. Proper. He was my 12th grade Anatomy/Physiology teacher. Only 10 students were accepted into the class so we got very specialized attention. I think I learned more from him than any other teacher and he was so patient, funny and kind. He was also one of my hardest teachers, but we knew he was tough because he wanted us to learn and cared about us. I won’t tell you what animal we had to disect and lable…it would make some of you very sad! Mr, Proper was a even better teacher than my college professor of the same subject. My least favorite teacher was also a Nun, for the same reason as Sherry! I took piano lessons and she smacked my fingers with a ruler, I finaly begged my Mom to ler me quit; my knuckles couldn’t take much more!!!

  23. My favorite teacher was Dr. Richard Emerick at the University of Maine. He taught anthropology and made it really interesting.

  24. Like so many others, I was blessed with many great teachers but when the word favorite is applied, it has to be Mrs. McGuire, my 4th grade teacher. We were somehow kindered spirits.

  25. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Sandy Barz CPA for all my accounting classes in college. She is pretty, smart, kind, and knowledgeable. She outlined exactly what you needed to do to get an A, and I made it most of the time. Now, she is my personal character reference whenever I am looking for a job, which I am now in Ephrata WA. What is extra nice is our friendship as time grows I like to substitute teacher grade school and teach how to crochet and use the computer.

  26. This hard – I’ve had so many great teachers, I don’t know that one was the best or favorite, but I loved Mr. Morrison, my high school english teacher. Made reading fun, and even got a bunch of us to start a book club (out of which came one of my favorite books ever: A Prayer for Owen Meany).

  27. My favorite teacher was Lorene Ethridge, a high school teacher of shorthand, typing and bookkeeping. She was awsome, fashionable, and gave us all personal attention. In addition, to the subject matter, she taught us how to conduct ourselves on interviews and answer phones intelligently. I still smile to myself when I think of her … she made classes fun. Little did I know that I would end up as a business ed teacher and ultimately own my own business support service.

  28. Mr. Anderson, my drama teacher/high school play Director. He taught me how to come out of my shell and that some teachers really do treat their kids with the respect they deserve. I’ll never forget him.

  29. Wow – so many great teachers, but my math (statistics) teacher was the best. She got me through, where others had failed!

  30. My favorite teacher was Ms. Turner- first grade. She was caring and encouraging and a lot of fun. It was the one class i never got into trouble in because she was understanding.
    On a different note- Is that Lupine blooming in your garden? Beautiful! Ours are just poking up a tiny bit of green!

  31. Hands down, Mrs Sutton, my public school music teacher. She knows she was special to me. it’s those little lessons that really had nothing to do with music i’ve carried on. When you first start, Practice 10 minutes a day. Once a week you can go longer, but not much. Keep a log of the time you spent & what you did. Don’t try to do everything at once. Scales and etudes are good. (swatches and simple knitting before you jump into lace & cables and sweater design) … and most importantly, have fun, love what you do, why you do it. Today she’s a minister and loving her new calling. I’m still thankful for our seven years in elementary school and several years of private teaching after that together. I’m using these lessons most now as I learn to spin better. I won’t improve if I only do it once a month for 10 minutes!

  32. I had some wonderful teachers and it was very hard to narrow the field down. My second grade teacher, Miss Dolphin stuck in my mind. I don’t remember if that was her name or if we called her that because her brother played from the MIami Dolphis. She was very kind and dedicated. I remember she came to school, even though she was sick and had lost her voice.

    Mrs. Remington taught math in 3rd and 4th grade. She was tough, but had a good heart. Mr. Means was my science and math teacher in 7th and 8th grade. Again, another tough teacher, but you could tell that he really cared. I remember going back to visit him when I had gone to high school and he helped me with my Algebra homework that I was struffling with.

    Senora Creagh taught Spanish and was incredible. She inspired my love of language. She immigrated to the US from Cuba when Castro took over and she had some interesting stories to tell us!

    Mr Pilkington taught Biology. He made sciene, probably my most hated subject fun and interesting.

    Mrs. White and Mrs; Lussie were the best English teachers ever. I had Mris Lussie for English Lit and Mrs. White for speech and creative writing. They made the stoires and words come to life. You could tell that they truly loved what the taught and made you love it as well. They were both very creative and made writing assignments fun. They both encouraged you to use your imagination and see what wild things you could come up with.

  33. My favorite teacher was my Spanish teacher Ms. Britton. We had the best discussions in her classroom and most of them had nothing to do with spanish!

  34. Mrs. Elizabeth Rupert Wright, my 5th grade language arts teacher. At the end of each day, just before the buses came, she would read a chapter or two to us. I was already an avid reader, but no one had actually read out loud to me since I was very small. The stories always came to life and it made me want to read to my own children, once I had them. Thank you, Mrs. Wright!

  35. My favorite was Mrs. Bernette. she made me feel important. That was a long time ago. whew!! Time fly’s when you are having fun.

  36. mr. marier was my english teacher freshman year. one day he gave us the assignment to interpret the song, “hotel california.” that was easily my favorite assignment in high school.

  37. Mr. Eckman, my 5th grade teacher. (long ago) He made us realize that learning happens all around you, not only in the classroom. He cared about each of us and treated us as individuals who were each valuable persons.

  38. I noticed a comment on your site from Paulette posted 19 March 2010 refreering to her school teacher Nathalie Dankers. I was thinking the other day….’ I wonder whatever happened t.o…..
    If you have any contact details that would be great. I am a friend of hers from many years ago in Sydney. Last time I heard from her she was teaching in country NSW, I believe the town was Cootamundra.

    Les Kentera

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