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Spring Fling Recap & Update

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, April 26th, 2010 in Shop News

Whew – what a weekend! I wandered in at noon today (I might’ve slept in just a wee bit this morning) and it seems a little quiet here after having 125 of you shopping with us all weekend. We miss you all! Here is a re-cap, with Monday Update information at the bottom.

For the Fling weekend, everyone flies/drives in and check-in starts Thursday afternoon. Our first scheduled event is on Thursday evening, with a Dessert Reception and knitting time. We certainly don’t lack for good food and snacks all weekend long.


Since the instructors are teaching classes during the Loopy Shopping Trips on Friday and Saturday, I always run them over to Loopy Central on Thursday evening for a private shopping hour. We loved having Gryphon Perkins (The Sanguine Gryphon), Wendy Johnson (Wendyknits), Anne Hanson (Knitspot) and Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) teaching classes this year. From all reports, they did an awesome job and people went away with full brains! :-)


Friday and Saturday are full of classes and shopping (and food – did I mention the food?). You can find knitters knitting all over the place. On Friday night, WH (that would be Wonder Husband) did a half hour presentation on how to improve your photos for blogging and Ravelry (or whatever else you use photos for). It was a popular topic, judging by the packed audience! (And I missed taking photos of the full knitting lounges this year. We had two different ones and that ended up working out great.)




Here is one of our bus drivers in a hall-of-shame pose. The paper behind him says “No Sheri left behind.” ¬†Friday afternoon’s two bus drivers decided to take off to Loopy almost 15 minutes early in the afternoon, with two buses full of knitters, who took me at my word when I said “be there by 1:10 so we don’t leave you behind!”. I walked into the lobby at 1:05 (for the 1:15 trip) and it was eerily empty. I knew this could not be good. Yes – they had left without me. FPS. (FPS!!)


The Elves always love having everyone come to Loopy Central to shop. This year they even found aprons to wear, so that people could find them quickly when they had questions. (Here you see Anna, Karen and Susan.)


This is why I leave each Spring Fling with a whole new list of things that I want to make. People walk around all weekend with the most beautiful handknit shawls and sweaters around their shoulders! This is one of the most inspiring things all weekend, for me.


On Saturday night we gave away a bunch of doorprizes, did some special “sneak peek” announcements, and then enjoyed homemade cakeballs. Janice’s daughter K made 300+ cakeballs and then she and Knitting Daughter dipped them on Saturday afternoon. I think Web Guy even drizzled the tops of a few of them. Photos of the cakeballs? They are gone. Gone gone gone. They were so good.


spring fling 201043.JPG

I think we have maxed out the stair-step approach to taking the group photo. I missed people on both ends, when taking the “full group” view! ¬†What a lovely group of knitters. For me, it’s SO fun to put names with faces during these weekend events.




All in all it was just a wonderful weekend with some of the nicest knitters on the planet. We are so glad that you all made the time to come, and we’re already planning for next year. (Signups in early December!)

Check in on Wednesday’s post, as I’m going to announce the winner’s from last week’s monthly blog contest, as well as putting up a bonus contest for a chance to win a Spring Fling Goody Bag!

Now – back to the Monday Update - tonight we had The Sanguine Gryphon Eidos go up, as well as ArtYarns Cashmere Sock yarn (holy cow is that yarn ever amazing), Wants and Kneeds DPN holders, a cute new set of Loopy stitchmarkers and the red polypropylene Loopy shopping bags that we use here at Loopy Central, because several of you have asked us to sell them. (Perfect for fiber festivals, because they hold a LOT and they’re really lightweight. Also great for the beach or your favorite Farmer’s Market.) Enjoy it all!

Sheri whowanderedaroundLoopytodayfindingyarnforallofthe

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