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Hello, Columbus!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 in Shop News

DSC00223Last weekend was our twice-a-year fiber industry market, in Columbus, Ohio. I go to these because I want to keep up with what is going on, what is coming up, what is ‘hot’, and what is not! (And of course to pick up some fun new lines for The Loopy Ewe.) Too much info for one post, so I’ll share people photos today, and new product info on Friday. The new things will start arriving in the next couple of weeks, with shipments continuing on into the fall. And did I mention that my “To Knit List” has grown again? No surprise there….

The first night ended with a Ravelry Ice Cream party, serving up delicious Jeni’s Ice Cream to everyone. I have a new favorite ice cream flavor – Salted Caramel. Seriously good. I ran into two fun friends there – Cookie A and Anne Hanson of Knitspot!


Saturday, Sunday and Monday are filled with walking, talking, and ordering. I snuck in a few pictures, with the express permission of the booth owners. (Otherwise, pictures on the floor are taboo.) Designer Laura Nelkin thought the air-conditioning was too high, and bundled up. (Or else she was just showing off as many handknits as she could, in the Schaefer Yarn booth!)


It’s always a pleasure to catch up with the Ravelry folks at these events. They’re on the floor every day, keeping up with trends and checking out what’s new. Here, I snagged a quick photo of Casey and Mary-Heather. I had a meeting with them (and Jess) on Sunday and walked away from it thinking, once again, that they are just the best. Truly.


Why is it that when I hand Loopy over for a photo, people want to kiss him? It’s because he’s so dang cute, I’m sure. (And then they always say, “Aww – I want a Little Loopy!”) Brad and Jeannie from Fiesta/7 Dimes puckered up.


Then Beth Casey from Lorna’s Laces had a little Loopy Love going on.


Nancy and Veronica from Dream in Color love Loopy, too, but just before I snapped the photo, Veronica told Nancy that she was getting too cozy (ok, specifically she said, “Stop touching my b*tt!”) and they were laughing as I took this. Oh, they’ll just love it that I told you that….


More on Friday. But first – the winner of a skein of Wollmeise Lace (from our Mini-Contest last week) is: Beverly W. from Illinois. I’ve emailed you, Beverly. Congratulations!

Sheri stillcatchinguponemails,incaseyou’rewaitingforonefromme

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