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Playing With Colors

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 in Finished Socks

I used to love to color when I was little. (Heck, I’d probably still like coloring if given the chance!) I am transferring all of those “love to play with colors” tendencies, to my knitting. I’ve had a lot of fun mixing and matching colors in this new Solid Series line. It’s like having a big artist’s palette to play with. Here is a sock that I knit up over the weekend, using Surf, Coffee and Mocha.


The pattern is easy – I started toe up and used this pattern:
16 rows Coffee
4 rows Surf
8 rows Mocha
4 rows Surf
and repeat.

On the heel, I alternated between just the Surf and Mocha (4 rows each) in the middle of my 16 Coffee rows. I love the color combination. I need your opinion on the second sock – should I make it just like this, or should I do 16 rows of the Mocha and sandwich the dark coffee color in between the Surf? Slightly different?

Of course then I had to come in to Loopy and play with more possibilities. (Don’t you wonder what the other people in our building thought, when I started sticking yarn in the bushes and taking photos?) For this pattern, I try to pick a light and dark color in the same family, and then a “pop” color. The socks take 1 skein of each color, although you’ll have leftovers of the colors in the 4/8/4 sections. Here are some other quick combos that I pulled this morning:

Blackberry, Mauve and Malachite:


Mulberry, Carnation and Coffee:


Serenity Green, Pine and Plum:


Black, Apricot and Orange:


Lake, Whisper Blue and Kiwi:


Strawberry, Slate Blue and Navy:


What do you think? It’s fun to play with colors, isn’t it? :-) I thought I’d start in on my Norwegian Rose socks tonight, but I’m vacillating. I really want to start an old-fashioned granny square blanket, too. And I am anxious to start one of these patterns as well. Decisions, decisions.

Sheri it’shothothotoutside,butIstillhadcoffeetoday.

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