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Questions on Stripes and Weaving in Ends

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 9th, 2010 in Loopy Q & A, Shop News

There were a few questions about my striping sock from Wednesday’s post, that I wanted to answer. Kathy said, “Where are the yellow combos?” And Sarah, also a fan of yellow, agreed. They’re right – I missed yellows! I pulled a couple of yellows to photo for you. What do you think? Lemon, Ice and Colonial Blue on the left, Iron, Celery and Butter on the right (Kathy’s combo, which I loved).



DSC00308Striping was the next question.

Molly said, “Your stripes look perfectly straight … care to share your jogless stripe in the round method?” Well first of all, I showed you the prettiest side. Of course. But the way I do a “fairly jogless” stripe (emphasis on the fairly), is that when I’m switching to a new color, I knit the first stitch on that new-color row with both the old AND the new color. So if I’m going from dark brown to blue, the first stitch on the first blue row is knit with brown and blue held together. Then on the next time around, (the second row) I knit those two stitches together to turn it back into one stitch. Here’s a photo of a section by the toe where I did brown to blue to tan to blue to brown. It works pretty well.

Diane asked, “Do you carry your colors down the sock inside somewhere or do you go through weaving in all those ends when they are complete?” and Dr. Jackie asked the same thing, a few comments later.

For this sock, I carried the yarn inside the sock (catching it every 4 rows) and I don’t like how it looks. On the next one, I’m going to carry the yarn in the small sections (blue to tan to blue) but weave in the rest each time. Actually, I learned a quick way to weave in ends from a Lucy Neatby class I took a couple of years ago.

1.Hold the tail of the old color off to the left and your working yarn (new color) as normal. (In the case of the photos below – I’m weaving in a tail from my short-row toe.) You’ll be knitting the working yarn – the one attached to the ball -  as normal, but positioning your right needle over and under the tail you’re weaving in, as you knit down the row.

2. On the first stitch, duck your right needle under the tail and catch the working yarn to make your stitch as normal. (See photo, below.) The yarn going off to the left is my tail that I’m weaving in. The yarn going straight up is my working yarn (attached to the ball).


3. On the next stitch of the row, pop your right needle over the tail and catch the working yarn to make your stitch as normal. (See right photo, below.)


4. Repeat #2 & 3 a few more times and then pull the tail slightly to tighten it up a bit. Cut off an extra tail.

Does anyone else have jogless stripes or weaving tips to share?

Sheri thisblueisthetoeofmyNorwegianRosesocks!

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