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Do You Crochet?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 16th, 2010 in Finished Projects

DSC00327I mentioned last month that I had taken a crochet class at TNNA. I figured it was high time I learned how to do it. (Besides, there are some really cute crochet patterns out there. I want to make this and this as soon as I get this under my belt a little bit more.) I enjoyed the class and am surprised at how quickly it feels like you’re making progress, when you crochet. I started some granny squares for a 9-square pillow out of The Loopy Ewe Line, and I also started this baby blanket out of Rowan’s new Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran line. I really love the feel of this yarn, and it’s crocheting up beautifully. I don’t have specific plans for the blanket. It was just a fun project to get my feet wet. So far, so good! So I’m wondering how many of you crochet? Is it something you learned way back when, but now you knit instead? Or do you do both? Or have you not yet learned to crochet? Or are you too backed up on the knitting you want to do, to ever be able to add crochet into your life? :-) Just curious.

We are welcoming lots of new Loopy Groupies today! We love sending out those Welcome Bags and feel honored that so many of you have become such great customers and friends. (You get to Loopy Groupie status when we’ve sent out 6 packages to you, although multiple Wollmeise orders in the same day all count as “one”. It gets complicated!) We’re happy to welcome these new Groupies in this latest batch: Cyrena in RI, Hikari in Japan, Robin in OH, Victoria in NC, Dana in TN, Juliet in AZ, Jeanne in CA, Christina in OH, Caryn in CT, Jane in NY, Monet in VA, Kata in Canada, Dorothy in KS, Annie in IL, Rosemarie in Canada, Kim in MS, Ellen in MO, Michelle in MD, Kelly in IL, Abbe in NJ, Elizabeth in PA, Stella in MA, Grace in NJ, Sharilyn in NY, Kittie in Switzerland, Lisa in IL, Lois in LA, Julie in DE, Mary in TX, Heather in TX, Vickie in MO, Aimee in NV, Jenny in MO, Christy in TN, Louise in Denmark, Kristie in MN, Linda in CA, Shelley in IL, Amy in PA, Ilona in Australia, Denese in MO, Helen in CO, Cynthia in OH, Kelly in AK, Nicole in Canada, Amanda in CO, Robin in OK, Kimberly in FL, Lael in WI, Loretta in MO, Christie in MD, Robin in WI, Megan in WV, Debbie in OH, Lauren in NY, Nancy in TN, Krystal in AZ, Lisa in WA, Karen in CA, Emily in PA, Andrea in CT, Beth in NY, Susan in VA, Joan in NY, Marianne in Norway, Amy in MI, Barbara in New Zealand, Sandy in IL, Linda in MN, Sharon in PA, Lisa in OK, Molinda in OH, Tami in WA, Kate in NC, Linda in IL, Lilie in AZ, Maartje in OH, Anna in Australia, Erin in IN, Rachel in IL, Shannon in CA, Julie in NV, Kyoko in Japan, Cathy in MO, Elizabeth in Norway, Barbara in NY, Andrea in WA, Megan in IL, Suzanne in TX, Elizabeth in OH, Lee in CA, Linda in MO, Carl in NC, Aliya in Canada, Ann in MA, Nathan in CA, Betty in Canada, Dee in TX, Alisa in WY, Jasmine in VA, Christine in MT, Lani in MI, Maria in CA, Elizabeth in NY, Brandy in PA, Sheri in AK, Ines in CA, Laural in MA, Sarah in MN, Cheryl in the U.K., Christine in MI, Andrea in OK, Paulette in WI, Debra in CA, Elisabeth in NM, Janna in CA, Cindy in WA, Bonnie in OR, Sherry in TX, Lana in IN, Kathleen in NY, Andrea in NJ, Katherine in Canada, Kathy in GA, Jennifer in NV, Monique in OR, Janis in IL, Lynnea in VA, Alicia in MD, Kim in SD, Lara in IN, Kirsten in MN, Sonya in IN, Maggie in MN, Kim in WA, Luann in MA, Cathy in VA, Ange in MN, Diana in IL, Jani in CA, Anyssa in MI, Debra in MA, Whitney in NY, Peggy in OH, Lynnette in CA, Jerrica in Canada, Melissa in OK, Lynda in NJ, Kristine in TX, Nancy in TX, Monica in IL, Lucy in NV, Melissa in CA, Kathy in ND, Andrea in Germany, Mona in NY, Erin in PA, Janet in WI, Melissa in CA, Krista in VA, Christine in TX, Suzie in MD, Elizabeth in OH, Janna in IA, Judy in AZ, Katherine in TX, Julie in NM, Marjorie in MA, Brenda in CA, Sandy in MO, Tanya in VA, Robyn in MO, Jessica in NC, Traci in Australia, Jennifer in ND, Rebecca in OR, Ghislaine in Switzerland, Mindy in TX, Sharon in IN, Meghan in Canada, Cheri in WA, Paulina in the U.K., Geri in NY, Lana in IL, Terri in ID, Erica in IL, Liberty in MN, Beverly in IL, Jennifer in MA, Jodi in MI, Laura in NY, Sheryl in CA, Melissa in KY, Tina in MD, Elaine in NH, Sheryl in CO, Linda in MO, Lucia in MA, Irma in CT, Julie in CA, Donna in HI, Gavi in TX, Sharyl in IL, Meghan in NH, Joline in Canada, Stephanie in MI, Amy in NY, Kim in WI, Arlene in Canada, Bianca in VA, Beth in MT, Cheryl in MI, Kyrie in MD, Shawntaia in NY, LeeAnn in CT, Allison in NC, Jill in GA, Josephine in MD, Linda in IL, Shannon in OH, Jill in MI, Christine in MN, Patricia in NY, Dorothy in MN, Kathryn in AZ, Michelle in FL, Bwen in CA, Hilona in The Netherlands, Suzanne in CA, Ashley in the Military, Kristy in WA, Joni in TX, Joyce in MN, Vicki in KS, Crystal in WA, Jan in MN, Joan in NY, Amy in IL, Beth in MO, Jen in MD, Deborah in VA, Jennifer in KS, Marnie in Canada, Crystal in Canada, Sarah in TX, Elizabeth in NC, Cheryl in Canada, Elaine in MA, Paula in NY, Bonnie in NJ, Beatriz in FL, Rachael in WI, Kristen in TN, Marie in IL, Wendy in WA, Sarah in NH, Debra in CA, Mary Jane in MN, Stephanie in AK, Patricia in WA, Seanna Lea in MA, Daniele in France, Michelle in OH, Melissa in MI, Gail in MD, Elizabeth in TX, Heidi in OR, Doreen in NC, Kelly in HI, Janet in MA, Karen in OH, Christelle in NV, Emily in 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in TX, Jessica in VA, Leslie in NY, Deranda in AK, Anne in CA, Darcie in WV, Ruth in MO, Anna Marie in MO, Donna in MI, Sarah in TX, Tommye in GA, Leah in Australia, Megan in OH, Monica in OH, Lisa in CT, Amy in TX, Allison in NY, Danielle in NY, Natsu in Japan, Janet on OR, Aporanee in VA, Alicia in CT, Karen in CA, Evelyn in CA, Suzanne in MI, Emily in RI, Sheila in PA, Leanne in PA, Alisha in TX, Christina in NJ, Claudia in CA, Kay in IN, Barbara in PA, Lise in FL, Elaine in NY, Sam in CA, Christi in TX, Ashley in SC, Sue in MD, Dawn’l in MN, Erica in OK and Jamie in PA.

Have a great weekend and I hope you find time to knit and/or crochet at some point in the next few days!

Sheri readyforaweekend.You,too?

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