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Still Buried, But There’s Hope

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, August 9th, 2010 in Shop News

I’m still stuck in The Back Room. (And you all made me feel a lot better by sharing your disorganized places in the comments. I’m sorry you have them, too, but I do feel better…) When I look at the “toss” pile, it does make me wonder why in the name of pete we have been storing these things all this time? I guess I wasn’t ready to toss some of that stuff before now. One illogical thing that I saved this time … again? My lesson plan books from when I was a teacher. Really, I flipped through them and there is no reason to save them. But there is so much work represented in those lesson plans! Maybe I’ll be ready to toss them in five years, when I do this again. (So, see? I guess I do understand why some things are saved that are later tossed.)

DSC00371I’ve also been working on my crocheted Granny Stripe blanket, but have encountered a problem. Not only do I love this yarn (Amy Butler’s line), but Zoe likes it a little too much. It’s impossible to flip the whole thing at the end of the row, when she is sitting there with her feet tucked under, purring to her heart’s content.  I’m such a patsy. I’m making it 50 x 70 so that we can use it as a throw. And I’m already planning on making another one out of Cascade 220, just for fun. I can’t wait to pull colors and figure out just what I’ll combine for the next one. It’s a nice no-brainer project to have in process, on the days when you’re too tired to think about fancy patterns.

We do have a few new things up on the website for you tonight! Come check them out:

Lorna’s Laces Honor – the new base you’ve been waiting for! This DK weight yarn is 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Silk. It’s just as luscious as it sounds. Use it for a cowl, scarve, mitts, or gloves, or get 2 skeins and knit up your favorite shawlette pattern. Don’t you need a new shawl for this fall?

Tempted Yarn’s Good Grrl – Stacy’s 100% fingering weight yarn, perfect for socks and lightweight shawlettes.

Fiesta Baby Boom – Some of my very favorite colorways come from Fiesta (Hello …  Adirondack, Clematis, Madrid, Mochachino …..) I love using this line for socks and scarves, but I’m thinking a shawl might be fun out of it, too. What do you think?

Opal’s New Rainforest VI – just out! If you collect this series, you’ll want to get it while we have it. It’s always fun to see the patterns and colors they come up with.

Patterns from Connie Chang Chinchio and Knit & Tonic. Take a look and see what inspires you!

Have a great night. If I can dig myself the rest of the way out of my basement, I’ll be back to the blog on Wednesday….

Sheri whohasbeensneezingalot.Perhapsthebackroomisaweebitdusty.

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