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I Don’t Like It

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Friday, August 27th, 2010 in Shop News

DSC00435aThe house is quiet. Way too quiet. Knitting Daughter went back to school on Wednesday. There are no more computer cords, water bottles, extra shoes, piles of mail, and books laying around. (Oh, ok. There are. But none of them belong to her.) She was happy to be back in the college environment, after having a perfectly happy summer at home. WH and I are both glad that she is in a place that she loves. But jeez. We miss her. And the house is quiet. Way too quiet. We might’ve sought comfort in a little bit of Ivanhoe’s on Wednesday night. (In the form of a Trojan Three Shake – peanut butter ice cream, chopped peanut butter cups, topped with a scoop of cookie dough ice cream. Ivanhoes is reason #2 to visit little Upland, Indiana. 100 flavors of Shakes and 100 flavors of Sundaes. Reason #1, of course, is visiting Knitting Daughter.)

DSC00417I’m keeping myself occupied with knitting. I’ve been working on Wendy’s Shetland Pi Shawl knit-a-long. I’m making mine out of The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga (Giant Stick Insect – although I prefer to think of it as “that really pretty green”). I kind of wish I had used Skinny Bugga instead, as I think this is a little heavy and thick. Plus, I’m in love with Red Spider Mite (although I prefer to think of it as “that really pretty red”). I know it looks like a big green blog so far, but just you wait. When it’s blocked, it will look smashing! This is a great pattern and if you haven’t started in on it, you ought to. When you focus on just one chart at a time, it’s totally do-able. I might make another one when I’m done.  I guess maybe before I do Shetland #2, I ought to finish Girasole #2 first. That would be the responsible thing to do.

September’s Dream in Color Dream Club yarn has arrived! For all of you with pre-orders, we’ll be sending your invoices to you on Monday. Dream in Color asked all of their stores not to sell it or show photos of it before Monday, the 30th, so we’re going by the book. Technically, that’s still 2 days before it’s officially September, so you’re still getting a jump-start. :-) The rest of the yarn (yes, of course we ordered extras for everyone else) will go up Monday night for you.

Is your house quiet or loud today? If it’s loud, can I come over and absorb the noise for a few hours? Just to see if it makes me feel better?

Sheri I’mprettysureourtwocatsaregrumpyaboutthis

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