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Waiting for Fall

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, August 30th, 2010 in Shop News

DSC00440It was hot again today. Actually, more humid and muggy than anything. I made a Sam’s run for more peppermints and tootsie rolls for all of you, and was never more glad to get into the car’s air conditioning after loading all of those packages up into my car! Even though it’s hot and humid, I’m ready for Fall weather. Are you? In the hopes of speeding it along, I brought out all of our Fall house decorations and put them up around the house yesterday. I think this is my favorite season for spicing up the house – even more fun than Christmas. When we moved into our house 15 years ago, I didn’t really like this over-the-sink window in the kitchen. It was just kind of …. weird. But I soon discovered that I could fill it for each season, and now I’d be hard pressed to give it up. The little window looks into our screen porch so it can’t really be called a “garden window” any more, but it’s just nice to have changing scenery to look at. (The other thing I like about this photo? It shows – clearly – that I need to add in a few more things. Which might necessitate a little shopping. Yes, I do like a fun mish-mash of things full up in there for Fall.)

But I know the real reason you came over to check out the blog tonight. You were wondering what went up in the Update tonight, right? Well let me tell you. We added in:

- Namaste’s Messenger and Hip Holster bags in black. (We also have these two styles in Peacock.) The Messenger bag is great for larger projects. It also has a padded divider and I know some of you are using it to carry your laptop around. The Hip Holster is great for smaller projects (like a sock-in-progress), but several of you have mentioned that you’re using it for a purse. Also a great idea!

- Fleece Artist’s BFL Sock. You’ll like making socks out of this yarn, but it’s also perfect for shawlette’s – those 1-2 skein patterns for keeping you warm around the shoulders in the Fall. (I have Fall-on-the-brain. I can’t help it.)

- The Loopy Ewe Solids Line. We’ve added in one of the three missing colors – Vintage Rose (#69-84). That means, there are only 2 colors left to get in, and we expect those within the next two weeks. THEN we can get those color cards done and ready for you. I know you have been waiting patiently!

- Dream in Colors September Dream Club Yarn. This month’s skein is Groovy, their bulky weight yarn, in a colorway called Bayou. What’s nice about it is, it’s quick to knit up! The pattern with this is for Slipper Socks, which we will email to you separately. Here’s the thing you’ll want to know about this. We have a lot of people on pre-order for this yarn each month. We aren’t taking any more to the list, as we had to turn our numbers in to Dream in Color awhile back. However, we’ve also added extras to be able to put up on the website each month for the rest of you. Plus, the pre-order people have the option to buy it or not to buy it from month to month. That means that we’ll continue to add in extra skeins (if there are pre-order people who take a pass on it), each evening. All pre-ordered skeins need to be paid for by next Monday, so by Tuesday, we’ll have the final counts up for everyone else to purchase. Make sense?

Back to my knitting, now. For some reason I didn’t get very much done over the weekend on any one of my knitting projects. Did you?

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