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Do the Elves Knit?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, September 3rd, 2010 in Shop News

DSC00362From time to time, you ask how it is that the Elves can work here and not take everything they see, home with them. I have to admit, it is a particular problem of mine. (Taking things to MY home. Not the Elves taking things home.) I try to stay away from unpacking new yarn and moving lines from one place to another, because when I do, there can be trouble. I am often heard to say (to anyone who happens to be listening), “You know, this is really really beautiful yarn. I need to make something with this.” And …. yet another project comes home with me. I need to stop this.

DSC00361Some of the Elves knit, some of the Elves crochet, and some of them don’t do either one. We’re still working on them. Here is a beautiful scarf that Head Elf Susan made out of beautiful Juliespins Merino. She used the stitch pattern from the Dream in Color Shrug and just turned it into a scarf. I love how it turned out. Out of the Elves who work here, Susan and Donna knit (and Donna also crochets and spins), Sue and new Elf Lori crochet, and Vicki, Anna, Karen, Mary, Sharon and Diana don’t. But we have high hopes for them one day. Maybe they’re afraid that it’s just a slippery slope.

This is a holiday weekend in the U.S. and there is no mail service on Monday. We won’t be here working on Monday, but we will definitely have an Update for you on Monday night. We have a new Yak yarn for you to try, the new Hundertwasser Collection from Opal, 3 AM’s new yarn line, Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock re-stock (plus new colors), and a very big order (60+ colors) of Madelinetosh Merino Light going up. Plus new patterns and needle re-stocks. So it’ll be a biggie.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

Sheri itwasadelightful63degreesonmywalkthismorning.yay!

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