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A Long Weekend with Web Guy

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, September 20th, 2010 in Shop News

Guess what I got to do over the weekend? WH and I flew down for a long weekend with Web Guy (who also happens to be our #1 son!). We had a great time and it was so good to see him. I’m just not a fan of kids moving 18 hours away from home. Why in the heck would they want to do that? Luckily, we do still get to see him from time to time. Last fall, I flew down by myself to fill up his freezer and get some long-term Loopy plans discussed. It was nice to have Paul along this year. That way, I can show you what sunrise at Deerfield Beach looks like (because he went and took this photo while I slept a little longer):


And another (click to make it bigger – you can almost hear those waves):


He also took a photo of a cute raccoon. There is a big family of them who like to investigate the tidbits that are in the dumpster at the apartment complex. I find this charming, because I’m a sucker for animals. Most of the residents of the complex (and definitely the guy who has to clean up after them each morning) find this a nuisance.


There is also a crane Great Blue Heron (thanks Wendy T!) who lives by the lake at the complex. Web Guy ways he has a damaged wing and can’t fly any farther than the other side of the (small) lake. So he’s a resident that pretty much stays put, much like the raccoons.


I did some more cooking and filling of the freezer, because as a mom, it makes me feel like I’m taking care of Web Guy a little bit. He does just fine taking care of himself, but his freezer WAS a little on the empty side. Long work hours and not a lot of time to cook. I filled it back up for him. (Burger Goo, cooking in the background. I was going to link to the recipe, but I see that I have never shared that with you. I’ll make it again and will photo it to share!)

All in all, it was a very fun weekend. By the time we arrived back home last night, it was hard to believe that we had been walking along the beach, just that morning. And I miss Web Guy again. :-(

Today I was back at Loopy, catching up and getting ready for the Monday Update. Tonight we added in:

Malabrigo Rios - This 4-ply superwash worsted weight is gorgeous, and comes in 19 colors. Great for sweaters, hats, scarves, and heavier weight shawls (like the Tesni Shawl, which I think I need to do out of Rios.)

Knitcellaneous Mitten Keychains – back in stock and just as cute as the first batch, of course.

Alpaca With a Twist – Re-stocks in Baby Jumbo (everyone needs one skein of this, just to look at and touch when things get hectic), Fino, Socrates, and Roving.

Ysolda Teague patterns – We have both of Ysolda’s booklets – Whimsical Knits 1 and 2. There are 10 patterns in the first book and 13 in the second book.

Bye Bye Blues Kit - We had some extra kits from this Loopy Lite offering in the spring. Once these are gone, that’s it for this kit. They contain a skein of String Theory Caper in “Bye Bye Blues”, two patterns, and a set of Oh Snap Red pouches.

Loopy Scissors/Tape Measure - This went out with our summer kit to all regular Sock Club members, but we bought extras so that we could share them later on the website, too. I think you need a set in each knitting bag. (And if you’re a reasonable person, you probably have one or two knitting bags. If it’s somewhat of a problem collection interest for you, then you might have a few more than that. Like me.)

Pop over and check out the fun!

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