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Three Things

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 in Three Things

DSC00422It’s time. Time for a Three Things post. (It has been awhile!) So here it goes:

Three things I’m happy about:

1. We have now donated a total of $2000 to the Marsha Rifkin Ovarian Cancer Research Center, thanks to all of your Skacel Socks for the Cure Kit purchases. All of our proceeds (and all of Skacel’s proceeds) are being donated, and you all have been wonderful in supporting that with your purchases!
2. I received the most beautiful samples of yarn yesterday from one of our yarn companies, and it has been sitting on my desk all day long. New line, new base, totally awesome.  The colors are making me happy. Details asap.
3.  Not only that, but we have some great new indie dyers coming this fall, and that makes me happy, too!

DSC00517Three things I’m a bit wigged out concerned about:

1. Space. Or rather, the lack thereof. Need more room for yarn. (I did have one yarn company offer to send me shelves for Christmas, but I said I’d rather have another 1500 sq. ft. of Loopy space instead. I’ll wait and see if they come through on that…) This is the only place in Loopy, not filled with shelves – our front room. And I like it just like this. I want to keep it.
2. Projects. Or rather, the amount of projects currently OTN (on the needles), and the rather large number of things I want to add in to my list. Although I did send one yarn off to a Loopy Sample Knitter today, even though I really wanted to knit the sample myself. I thought this was a mature decision on my part. (I have a second skein of that yarn. It’d be best if I just left it sitting here and didn’t start a project with it, right? Because that would negate my maturity in sending off the other skein to be sample-knit …)
3. Decisions. As related to new lines and too many choices. But that only wigs me out concerns me temporarily, until I can spend the time planning and deciding. Working on that tonight.

DSC00514Three things I love about the Fall:

1. The crispness in the air (and the wonderful smell, especially when people are burning leaves.)
2. The colors of the leaves changing. (Really, how awesome is it that they turn red, orange and yellow instead of just going from green and alive, straight to brown and dead? Great plan.)
3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Bread …. (I know you can make some of these things at other times of the year, but they taste best in the Fall. Seriously.)

Got three things to share?

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