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Caramel Apples from The Yummy Life

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, October 29th, 2010 in Sheri's Recipes

caramel-apples-recipe-the-yummy-lifeInstead of sharing my own recipe with you today (like I frequently do on Fridays), I’m directing you over to my friend Monica’s blog. She posted easy instructions on how to make those amazing Caramel Apples that you see selling for $10 each, in fancy stores. Don’t these look delicious? I tasted a couple, and I can confirm that they were indeed as good as they look. Check out the recipe on this blog post, from The Yummy Life. Then click on this post for tips on wrapping them up as gifts. It even gives you a link for free downloadable gift tags – how cool is that? (Photo from The Yummy Life, used with permission.)

Someday I should have Monica do a guest post over here for you. Her blog is one of the first things that I check in the morning, because I know there will be something yummy (to eat, to make, to share) there. While you’re over there checking out her blog, be sure to catch her recipe for  Maple Pumpkin Spice Lattes (in a crockpot – brilliant). It made the Top 100 Pumpkin Recipes list on the Huffington Post and is one of just a few finalists, pictured on the front page of that article. If you’re having a knitting group, book club, or fall party, you might try the lattes-in-a-crockpot approach. It leaves you with more time to hang out with your friends, instead of being chained to your latte machine, making one at a time. You might also want to make up a tray of these to serve to your group. Isn’t that pretty? Makes me wish I was having a party, just to put one of those platters together.

What are your plans for Halloween weekend? Since our days of dressing up little kids for trick-or-treating are over, I’ll probably be whipping up a batch of these lattes and knitting a few rows, in between answering the door to hear knock knock jokes and trick or treat choruses. I finished my Whippoorwill Shawl – photos after I block it. Maybe I ought to try this next?

Sheri buyingtrickortreatcandyIdon’tlike

Things to Distract Me at Work … and a CONTEST!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 in Contest

Loopy Elf Donna got a new puppy named Lucy. Is she not the cutest thing? She had just been to the vet, so she was exhausted from her big morning out.

She posed:

She checked out Loopy:

And then she zonked out, fast asleep.

Needless to say, all work of any kind stopped while Lucy was visiting. We all stood around and watched her sleep and talked about how darned cute she is.

So this month’s contest question is: What distracts you at work? Whether you work in the house or out of the house, I know there are things that pull you away from what you are intending to do. (Ravelry? I’m talking about you.) What distracts you?

Leave your answer in the comments and we will randomly draw names of winners next week. The prize – $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates, so that you can splurge on some new yarn!

(Speaking of contests, have you clicked “like” to join our Loopy Ewe group on Facebook? We hold 24 Hour Quick Quizzes over there from time to time, with Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates for prizes. Don’t miss out!)

Sheri hopingLucywillcomebackandvisitusagainsoon

Malabrigo Lace and Sock

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, October 25th, 2010 in Shop News

We’ve had an infusion of Mmmm-Malabrigo this week! Not only have we gotten a huge re-stock on the Lace, but we’ve also gotten in more sock and a few new colors of Rios. (New Rios: Purpuras, Zarzamora, Cumparista, and Archangel.) I’d really like to make a sweater out of Rios or Twist – love them both. Sweaters seem to take so darned long for me to knit, that I don’t do too many of them. I do love making and wearing them, but it seems like there are just too many other things coming in here every week, calling for knitting attention. (And I listen. BOY, do I listen. Then I start something new.)

Our first batch of Mary Hadley Loopy Mugs went up on the website (in addition to the extra Tumblers from the Anniversary Kit.) These pottery items need to ship by themselves, so that we can pack them effectively. If you’d like to order them, please order each one as a separate order. We will continue to stock this line of pottery, but keep in mind that each item is hand-painted by the Hadley artists. We get as much as we’re able to, and we have more on order when things run out.

We’ll keep the orders flowing, though, and will put the stock up at The Loopy Ewe as often as we are able to get it in. We’ll also continue to share new things in this line, as we go along.

Namaste’s Special Edition Oh Snap pouches are now available. These pink pouches (in both the regular 3-pack size and the XL/XXL 2-pack size) are available while supplies last. Namaste is donating 10% of the sales of these pouches to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to using these pouches for your projects-in-progress, people have also used them to store patterns (the largest size), to keep track of pens/pencils/lipstick/glasses in purses and totes, to keep iPods and earplugs together, etc. (Note – we still have a few left in our exclusive Red color, too.)

Also up in today’s Monday Update: New sheep/magnet cards from Thomas Joseph, beautiful colors of String Theory Hand-Dyed DK weight and Blue Stocking, patterns from Jared Flood and ShibuiKnits, a re-stock of Namaste Zuma’s, and 2 more colors of Dream in Color’s new Everlasting Sock Yarn. Along with last week’s Everlasting debut, this brings our total colors to 49. I’ve heard back from many of you who ordered this last week and got it into your hands – you love it! I’m not surprised.

Coming in Wednesday’s blog – a photo of something that has distracted us at Loopy this week, and a contest!

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The Weird Little Alcove

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, October 22nd, 2010 in It bugs me

We’re full up, here at The Loopy Ewe. We have 3500 sq. ft. of space, and we have used every bit of it. We have packed the aisles (here’s one side of one part, but of the rest of our Loopy space looks just like this):


We have used the tops of shelves:


We have built shelves in the old kitchen area and filled them with these tubs (double deep, filled with our Loopy Ewe Solid Line loveliness!):


We’re just plain full up, and I have no desire to move at the moment.

There is a weird little alcove outside our other door (down the hall from our main Loopy entrance). The alcove has always been completely empty and cuts behind the bathrooms in the main hallway. That is our back door (on the left) and the door to the business that has the very end of our building, on the right. No one else ventures off the main hallway, into this weird little alcove.


Seeing the empty space, I got the idea that maybe we could put cabinets in there for a little extra storage. I asked permission this past summer, the landlord gave me the go-ahead to do it, and WH built these really really nice, lock-able cabinets. White cabinets on white walls. Nothing flashy. Just custom-made, heavy duty cabinets. See? (Before there were there? Just an empty, never-used corner in the alcove.)


In the meantime, the building obtained new management, and the new landlord called to say that “someone” had complained about the cabinets. Since there are only two doors in the alcove and one is ours, it doesn’t take much thinking to figure out where the complaint came from. Apparently this has a “negative impact” on the (otherwise empty, boring, useless) space. White cabinets. On white walls. In an empty little alcove. What do you think? I think neon pink knitted closet covers might give them a bit of that “negative impact”, don’t you? I’d just like them to live up to their reputation. Right now the whole thing just makes me say FPS.

Sheri alwayssomethinginterestinggoingonaroundhere

*for pete’s sake

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