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Sweet Georgia CashLuxe

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, November 22nd, 2010 in Shop News

Many of us speak about Malabrigo as Mmmmmalabrigo. Because it’s just that delicious. And now, I think I will have to speak of Sweet Georgia as “Sweeeeeet Georgia”, because that’s what this new CashLuxe will do to you. (Or maybe “Suh-WEET Georgia”!)

I predict that you all will love this wonderful mix of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon (70/20/10), along with Felicia’s exquisite dyeing. I set aside a skein of Lettuce Wrap for myself, just because of the name. :-) Although Autumn Flame is probably a better color for the season of Thanksgiving this week. And Stella – probably my favorite from this batch, and I’m not even a very purple person.

Also up this week, a whole new batch of Lavishea lotion bars, both large and small sizes, including some new scents that you will love. The Elves have been chuckling over the Man Bar. And I must have Colorado on my brain, because I just noticed that there are two tins of that in this photo. Oh, well. These would make great stocking stuffers for all of your friends. I keep a small tin in my purse and in my knitting bag, and a large tin in my bathroom for moisturizing in the mornings. The other thing that I keep there is our Soak Heel Creme. LOVE this stuff. It might be a good idea to include a tub of this with each pair of handknit socks that you give as a gift, because the tagline says, “For feet worthy of handknit socks.” That just adds a reminder to the recipient that handknit socks are special (so treasure them!) and you think they are worthy of them.

Patterns re-stocked: Dream in Color’s Tulip Baby Sweater, and in the Loopy Sock Clubs section: Loopy Loves You Socks, Anklebiters, Purple Rose of Loopy, Little Jazz, and Swirl Socks.

To round out this week’s Monday Update, we have a big re-stock of Della Q needle organizers and project bags, as well as her newest fall organizing bags. There is a great new hanging circular organizer, as well as a cute Travel Case (which holds a few circs, a few DPN’s, and a zip pocket for small scissors, stitchmarkers, etc.), and a new bag that holds almost every circular needle and DPN that you can come up with. Seems like a good time to organize your needles, doesn’t it?

I washed and blocked my Whippoorwill Shawl – photos on Wednesday. I made it for a friend, but now I don’t want to give it away. I think that means I must make another one for myself. (But isn’t it nice when something turns out so perfect for a friend that you sort of want to keep it?)

Sheri cloudyalldaybutnotaraindropinsight.Maybetomorrow.

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